Rivers Casino of Des Plaines will pay a US$1.65 million fine

The operator company, Rush Street Gaming, signed a legal agreement with the Illinois Gambling Board.

US.- Rush Street Gaming company, owner of Rivers Casino of Des Plaines in Chicago, was accused of two offences: providing no-bid cleaning and security contract and paying winners jackpots inconsistently. The company reached an understanding with Illinois including a US$1.65 million fine.

As the state’s Gambling Board published, Rush Street Gaming hired in 2011 United Maintenance, a cleaning and security service, without a competitive bidding process. The deal was officially signed years later, as the investigation proved. Furthermore, the operators seemingly allowed players to enter into a US$250,000 Sign Up and Win New Member Giveaway once the contest named “Jackpot Rush Giveaway” had ended. Over 40 bettors won prizes as they were considered inconsistent with the terms of the promotion the casino established.

Mass Gaming & Entertainment is a Rush Street Gaming’s subsidiary which is currently proposing a project for the Brockton Resort & Casino in Massachusetts. Later this month, the state’s Gaming Commission will be issuing the results of the bidding. The upcoming complex will compete directly with the neighbor Taunton casino, which already started its construction and will be operated by the local native tribe. The Massachusetts Gaming Commission assured that they are not going to proceed on the license granting until they gather all information about Rush Street Gaming.