Rio casino reopens in Greece

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The casino located in western Greece was allowed to reopen after a court in Patra ordered a return of money to operate.

Greece.- A court in Patra has allowed the debt-wracked casino in Rio, located in western Greece, to reopen after it settled a temporary stay on the takeover of its capital funds. The judges ordered to give back the facility US$106k in order to be able to operate in compliance with the law.

The initial seize of the casino’s capitals was ordered after a complaint of several workers that were asking for their overdue payments. The measure started earlier this month because of 85 workers that belong to an affiliated union. The Patra court is set to hear 110 employees of the casino on October 17 as they will ask to continue operating the facility until a verdict on the overdue debts is reached.

Whilst the casino has been dealing with several issues regarding taxes and salaries for quite some time now, it managed to reach a deal with its workers back in April to keep the current wage payments, local media reported. Moreover, the Rio casino is in the process of drafting a new restructuring plan.