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“We presented the Intelligent Future of Gaming at ICE”

ICE 2018 was marked success for INTRALOT.

(Exclusive interview).- Chrysostomos Sfatos talks to Focus Gaming News about Intralot’s performance at ICE 2018.

Visitors at ICE 2018 were able to experience Intralot’s initiative to revolutionise the gaming market – the Intelligent Future of Gaming. Chrysostomos Sfatos, Group Director Corporate Affairs at the renowned gaming company talked to Focus Gaming News about Intralot’s exhibition, the public’s feedback and the upcoming plans to keep developing its leading position in the international industry.

Did INTRALOT achieved its goals at this year’s ICE?

Our presence at this years’ ICE Totally Gaming was driven by our vision for an Intelligent Future of Gaming with solutions designed towards a unified cross-channel and cross-vertical infrastructure.

The holistic approach and the beauty of simplicity in designing gaming solutions was displayed at the INTRALOT Iconic Pavilion of 675 sqm with a renewed innovative design that emphasised the unifying experience concept. We showcased a wide variety of retail and digital solutions and ways to enhance the retail offering through the digital channel while this year we ran a promotional activity to underline our commitment to the principles of responsible gaming. It is clear that sports betting is a subject receiving more and more attention and it is no coincidence that the highlight of our display was our new sports betting platform designed to serve both online and retail offerings in the most efficient, uniform and simplified way, leveraging our long experience from betting operations in diverse markets worldwide and designed to address a growing number of upcoming market opportunities. It is exciting to be at ICE because you meet all customers, prospective customers, and partners.

How does the event impact on the company’s plans for the rest of the year?

For the 7th year ICE was a marked success for INTRALOT as it was a unique opportunity to meet key customers from markets around the world and discuss and identify new ways to add value to their business. With 3,000 guests and 600 meetings we are off course very pleased both by the number and the quality of our contacts this year. For us ICE does not end with the closing of the trade floor; we bring back valuable feedback which we analyse and blend with our R&D and business development ideas.

Our presence at this years’ ICE Totally Gaming was driven by our vision for an Intelligent Future of Gaming with solutions designed towards a unified cross-channel and cross-vertical infrastructure.

Did the company sign significant partnerships in regional markets?

We dynamically started 2018 with two contracts in the US. First we signed a new contract with CAMELOT for the Illinois State Lottery to provide CAMELOT with technology solutions in approximately 7,500 retail locations, and then we renewed our current contract with the Wyoming Lottery. Also, just a few weeks before New Year we agreed the extension of our cooperation with OPAP in the field of numerical lotteries and services. We are looking into every opportunity across continents, but the markets of US and Europe hold significant potential for new business and growth at the moment.

What’s INTRALOT main goal for the rest of the year?

This year we will complete the overhaul of our product offering with products that drive digital transformation. In addition to improvements in our CRM and CMS platforms this year we will release the footprint of a new ecosystem built around a central system that is characterised by a modular architecture and is fully parametrical, allowing faster time-to-market and reduced cost of ownership and maintenance for the operator. We will continue to design player-centric gaming solutions that drive players’ entertainment and satisfaction at all different touch points, while supporting the lotteries’ endeavours to boost their customer base and increase retention rates.

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