Plainridge casino responds to critics of its online casino game

Plainridge Park Casino executives told state gambling regulators that there is no deception involved in their online casino game.

US.- Plainridge Park Casino executives told state gambling regulators that their online casino game is not deceptive, after some have criticised it for giving gamblers the false hope of replicating wins experienced online at real slot machines.

One of the major complains of online casino games, like Plainridge’s, is that it allows players to win at a higher rate than they can realistically expect at the brick-and-mortar casino.

Carl Sottosanti, general counsel for Penn National, which owns Plainridge, responded to critics saying that Plainridge doesn’t control the payback percent rate on its online casino game. Furthermore, he commented that the online payback percent rate is set by the game developer and Penn National merely buys it “as an off-the-shelf product.”

“We do not control online,” affirmed Sottosanti, adding that Plainridge controls only the payback percent rate on its 1,250 slot machines at its casino, the state’s first, in Plainville.

On its part, Stephen P. Crosby, chairman of the gambling commission, invited Penn National officials to give statements at the hearing for the educational benefit of the commission. Crosby added that he is not certain the commission has jurisdiction over online casino games, but it should nevertheless become familiar with this fast-growing segment of online gaming.