Pennsylvania online gaming bill delayed

The much anticipated legislation didn’t make it to the 2016 Budget Deal

US.- Finally, the online gaming bill that passed out of committee last November didn’t get a vote in the Pennsylvania House of Representatives, and it could be delayed until next spring.


The legislation regulating igaming, House Bill 649, created by Representative John Payne, could help the current budget deficit in the State, without raising taxes and it aims to make other changes to the Pennsylvania gambling industry. According to some reports, regulated online gaming would be an estimated US$ 300 million market, that share would help shore up revenues for the Pennsylvania’s casino industry. Last week an amendment was introduced to allow video gaming terminals to be offered by private establishments, but this change was rejected by casino operators, because they feared that the expansion could threaten their businesses.

The disagreements between the Republican-controlled Senate and the House GOP majority have led to the budget deal failing, which approval is six months overdue. And now, state’s lawmakers have to come to a consensus for the 2016’s state budget package.