Osaka presents new problem gambling bill

A national party introduced a new legislation to deal with problem gambling.

Japan.- The Osaka-based opposition party Nippon Ishin no Kai introduced a new legislation in order to deal with problems related to gambling. The party is trying to speed up the debate in Japan, and it’s hopeful that the collaboration with the Prime Minister will endure the city a casino license.

Hitoshi Asada, the party’s policy chief, said to The Japan Times: “The Nippon Ishin bill sets out a variety of measures to deal with problem gamblers to ensure that the problem is dealt with in a comprehensive manner.” Nippon Ishin no Kai wants to address issues related to gambling and social ills that could arise once casino resorts open in the Asian country. The party also urges the government to create a program that directly deals with problem gambling, as well as measures that offer medical assistance for those affected by gambling.

Party co-leader Ichiro Matsui, said: “Ideally, at least part of an integrated resort would open in Osaka by 2023, and that would be in operation to welcome the World Expo in 2025.” Japan legalised the industry two months ago, and is currently in the process of drafting the regulations needed to be able to launch the industry by 2023. Sources reveal that initially there will be only three licenses issued in Japan, which will be announced in two years.