“ICE has become the premier event for technology”

Maurilio Silva, president of Ortiz Gaming told us about ICE 2016, the company’s new products and his expectations for this year.

Ortiz Gaming, the Class II and Class III video bingo slot machines developer and online gambling, mobile gambling, gaming software/hardware development specialist is heading to London.

ICE will be held once again in the next weeks, what do you expect from this show?

Ortiz Gaming has set high expectations for ICE, the show has become the premier event for technology in every segment of the gaming. Since expanding our product offerings last year to offer games on every platform, to include land base, interactive, social, mobile, and online, ICE is the perfect venue to display these innovations.

Will the company introduce new products during the show? In that case, which are the advantages for the casino and the player?

Ortiz Gaming will be introducing new products for land base and interactive gaming. One of the most interesting products that will be at the show is iContent. iContent makes the entire Ortiz library of games available as content for interactive platforms, including social media, mobile and online. iContent can be disseminated in a number of ways including server based options from the Ortiz Interactive product line.

The versatility of iContent, has some great advantages for both the casino and the player. For the player, they can play anywhere, anytime. For the casino, iContent can create new revenue streams by adding it to the business, and add content to a platform they are already using to provide a more robust gaming experience to their customers, most importantly iContent can be configurable to the needs of the casinos and Operators.

What are this year’s plans? Which markets are you focusing on?

Ortiz Gaming has always dedicated time and money to research and development, this is part of our company’s core values, and has been a key to our success. This year is no different, we are focusing on technology and innovation, always developing products which engage and entertain the player while creating revenue for the operator.

Currently, Ortiz Gaming operates in nearly every continent around world. Each of these markets are very unique regarding regulatory and economic environments, and maintain our focus. Ortiz Gaming has maintained steady growth in these regions while positioned firmly, and we plan to continue this strategy.

How do you see the gaming industry today? Which are the challenges for this year for the worldwide industry?

There is a lot of innovation in the industry, new segments of gaming, and new ideas, all pushing the industry. This is a new era for gaming worldwide with so many new possibilities. I don’t see this as a challenge, but an opportunity to innovate the gaming landscape of the future.