Oregon sees significant increase in video lottery sales

Video lottery sales surpassed $21m, statewide in March.
Video lottery sales surpassed $21m, statewide in March.

Oregon State has seen a spike in video lottery sales after the recent reopening of bars and restaurants following a prolonged period of Covid-19 restrictions.

US.- During the month of March, Oregon registered more than $21m in video lottery sales, a steep increase in comparison with December, when sales were under $700,000.

Oregon‘s Office of Economic Analysis, Josh Lehner said: “Video lottery sales – at least at the start of April- were 50 per cent higher than they’ve physically ever been in Lane County,”

Lane County’s community and economic development manager, Austin Ramirez, expressed his concern about the situation, warning about the danger of locals gambling their savings and salary.

He saod: “We know people sometimes feel like that’s a way to get out of a hole, so we’ve seen a pattern where sometimes during recession people are willing to spend that money rather than in other places.

“The sad truth of video lottery when times are bad, that revenue goes up.”

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