Ohio introduces new gaming bill

The Senate introduced hearings on legislation that would create a clearer regulation on online fantasy sports.

US.- A bill to grant more clarity to the state laws and new ways of regulation of gaming was introduced to the Ohio Senate. Bill Coley, Senator of West Chester, introduced Senate Bill 356 in hopes of providing a better control on online fantasy sports contests.

“This legislation is necessary to make sure that daily fantasy sports and e-sports that are currently online move forward and that the gaming is done correctly. The Casino Control Commission will be right there to supervise operations and to clarify any changes in the rules,” Coley said.

Pools are currently legal in Ohio, but proceeds need to be 100 percent distributed among players as prizes, and if not, they’re breaking the state law. According to Aurora Advocate, if they believe that the laws have been broken, County prosecutors have the power to pursue legal action against people. Besides that, there are no state requirements for the games.

If passed, the bill would categorise betting via electronic DFS sites and ban them if they believe they’re schemes of chance. These type of games have significantly grown in the past few months. with Queen of Hearts giving away prizes for more than US$3.4 million just in September.