NYC considers lottery for vaccinated players after success in Ohio

NYC may launch a lottery for vaccinated players.
NYC may launch a lottery for vaccinated players.

Mayor Bill de Blasio said he is considering the option to hold a lottery to draw awards for vaccinated people in order to push the vaccination programme.

US.- The success of Ohio’s lottery for vaccinated players has inspired NYC mayor Bill de Blasio to consider a similar measure in New York City.

The administrations of many cities in the United States are making efforts to urge citizens to get vaccinated against Covid-19, and it seems appealing to lottery fans is popular idea.

Ohio launched its “Vax-a-milliondraws – five weeks of $1m draws open to those that have received at least one vaccination against Covid-19.

De Blasio said during a press conference: “We are talking about whether that kind of approach would add something.

“We’re looking at models around the country and a lottery type idea is real interesting, so we’ll be assessing that and we’ll have more to say on that soon.”

Until now, New York has offered more modest rewards: a free two-week membership to Citi Bike, free fries at Shake Shack, a free weekly MetroCard, and most recently a chance to win playoff tickets for the Brooklyn Nets.

Around 3.8 million New York City residents have received at least one vaccine shot, while 49 per cent are fully inoculated, city data shows.

De Blasio said: “Every day we’re seeing continuing progress on vaccination. I think the number one reason that’s happening is because we’ve made it ever more convenient, more local, walk-in, mobile vaccination centers.”

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