Norwegian gambling regulator to launch tender for national helpline

The helpline received 825 calls last year.
The helpline received 825 calls last year.

Lottstift is seeking an operator to take over the 24-hour service from January 2024.

Norway.- The Norwegian gambling regulator, Lottstift, has announced plans to run a tender to find a new operator for the country’s 24-hour problem gambling helpline Hjelpelinjen. The service is currently managed by Sykehuset Innlandet, the health trust for the provinces of Hedmark and Oppland, but it will halt its management at the end of the year.

Bjørn Leirdal, Lottstift’s acting director of communications and strategy, said the regulator was disappointed by Sykehuset Innlandet’s decision to stop managing the service but promised that the helpline service would not be interrupted.

He said: “It is a shame that Sykehuset Innlandet will no longer operate the offer as they have built up solid expertise in gambling issues since 2003.”

He added: “The helpline is a vital part of our efforts to uphold this mission and will remain open for all those affected by problem gambling issues.”

The Norwegian government’s Action Plan for 2022-2025 included plans to develop and strengthen the helpline, which received 825 calls in 2022. Some 55,000 Norwegians have been identified as having gambling problems and 122,000 have been identified as being at risk.

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