Norway operator proposes betting cap

Norway's new betting cap would help prevent problem gambling.
Norway's new betting cap would help prevent problem gambling.

Norsk Rikstoto, a state-owned totalisator betting business in Norway has proposed a monthly betting cap for all customers.

Norway.- Problem gambling is a major concern worldwide, which is why the industry seeks to adopt preventive measures. That’s why state-owned Norsk Rikstoto proposed Norway should set a monthly betting cap for all players.

The limit would be €2,019 every 30 days, with a potential to roll leftover money up to 90 days. That would allow them to bet over €6k in 30 days (every three months).

Lotteritilsynet director Henrik Nordal backed the proposal and described it as a “safety net” for problem gamblers.

“We see the need to clarify [Norsk Rikstoto’s] role here,” he said anyway. “Norsk Rikstoto’s main duty is to provide a safe and responsible way to gamble.

“That the horse racing industry benefits from its profits is a consequence, and not a reason, as to why it is one of the few operators licensed to offer real-money gambling in Norway.

Norway warns newspapers

Lotteri-og stiftelsestilsynet (Lottstift), the gambling regulator from Norway, has issued a warning in which it targets local newspapers. The regulator said that many Norwegian newspapers included in their articles odds offered by unlicensed operators, which is illegal.

The watchdog mentioned 49 newspapers that published cases that illegal gambling companies set odds on whether citizens would vote women in the next municipal elections. According to local laws, in order to protect Norwegian gamblers, those companies are not allowed to market or offer gambling in the country. “One part of our job is to help ensure that Norwegian laws and regulations are known in society,” said the regulator.

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