New National Responsible Gambling Strategy launched in the UK


UKGC has urged local operators to take consumer complaints more seriously.

The UK Gambling Commission has released a new strategy to minimise gambling-related harm across the country within the next three years.

UK.- The UK Gambling Commission launched a new strategy with the purpose of mitigating gambling-related harm across the United Kingdom in the next three years.

The Responsible Gambling Strategy Board (RGSB) compiled information for the new strategy carrying out a public consultation last year. The board is an independent group that provides the country’s government through the UK Gambling Commission with advice on responsible gambling and its importance.

The National Responsible Gambling Strategy, focus on issues related to problem gambling and proposes a number of approaches on how such issues could be tackled by gambling operators, industry regulators, trade bodies, the government and other involved parties. RGSB’s proposal for the next three years aims to encourage gambling responsibility, mitigate and reduce gambling-related problems and increasing the protection of the vulnerable part of the population.

The strategy is intended for all forms of gambling, both online and land-based and all types of gambling options offered, including the National Lottery. Furthermore, it encompasses gambling products, environments and marketing campaigns, as well as the broader context in which a gambling activity occurs. It also points to 12 areas within each action could and should be taken, understanding and measuring gambling harm, increasing the awareness of the ways gambling products and environments may affect customers and improving approaches towards the identification of harmful play, among others.

Christopher Kelly, Chairman of the RGSB, stated that the document is a call for action for all involved parties to work towards minimising gambling-related harm. He also noted that certain progress has been made over the past several years towards tackling gambling-related issues and the National Responsible Gambling Strategy aims at building on the steps taken. Finally, Kelly added that the document presents a vision of what a “desirable outcome would look like,” even though they are well-aware that the said vision would represent a significant challenge and would require “expertise, resources, and commitment” from operators, regulators, officials and other involved parties.