New gambling regulations in the UK

The councils supported the new measures.

Gambling operators will be compelled to produce risk assessments to show how they are reducing gambling harm.

UK.- New gambling regulations came into effect yesterday (Wednesday) in the UK. Under these rules, gambling operators will need to produce risk assessments to prove how they are reducing harm caused by gambling in their local areas. All land-based gambling operators are compelled to show how they are helping to protect children or vulnerable people from the damage caused by gambling related activities.

Or as a spokesperson from the Local Government Association put it: “Many local councils are producing local area risk profiles to assist businesses as they draw up their assessments – these will typically plot points of risk such as schools, treatment centres or areas of significant deprivation. We hope that the gambling industry collectively rises to the occasion and demonstrates its commitment to social responsibility and preventing risky gambling behaviour.”

Rob Burkitt, who works as policy development manager at the Gambling Commission, highlighted some examples of the type of risks that should be assessed. “If there is a gambling premises adjacent to a bus stop which is used by college or school students between, say 3- 5 pm, the premises should ensure that staffing levels are adequate to mitigate the risk of underage access. If there is a gambling premises close to a homelessness hostel, the operator would ensure they have staff awareness training to ensure that homeless customers are not putting themselves at risk of harm.”