Nevada would unify gaming accounts

Players in Nevada will be allowed to bet on several sectors under the same account.

The wagering accounts would be the exclusive way of funding the personal gaming activity.

US.- Nevada is discussing a new proposal to regulate the gambling industry by presenting a single method of paying the activities in both online gaming sector and land-based casinos. Sports betting, online and land-based casino, poker and other markets would be managed by the same wagering account.

The Nevada Gaming Control Board is working on the bill to formally introduce it. A single wagering account is currently available for sports betting only and certain iGaming platforms in the state, so the project seeks to expand the regulation in order to cover all gambling sectors.

Operators of all licensed offerings would share the information about each player and the regulation and protection process would be simpler. However, the state’s authorities have not discussed yet the credit and debit cards role on the unified accounts, as these methods of payments are illegal in Nevada.

“Currently, there are separate account-wagering regulations for each type of gaming, such as for mobile gaming, races and sports, interactive and slots. Each may have slightly different requirements. The aim of the changes we are making to the regulations is to bring them all into alignment so they have the same requirements for each, with only minor variances,” explained A.G. Burnett, chairman of the Nevada Gaming Control Board.