Nerses Khachatryan: “We always thrive on the newest igaming ideas”

Nerses Khachatryan: “We always thrive on the newest igaming ideas”

Nerses Khachatryan, Founder and CEO at IQ Soft told Focus Gaming News what the company’s expectations are for ICE London and analysed the development of the sports betting market.

Exclusive interview.- The wait was long, but ICE London 2022 is just around the corner. 

In the run-up to one of the most important events in the industry, Nerses Khachatryan gave us an exclusive interview to talk about the importance of ICE London 2022 and analysed the growth of the sports betting market in the last years.

This year the company celebrated its seventh anniversary. What can you say about the seven-year journey of IQ Soft?

There is no magic to achievement. It’s really about hard work, choices, right decisions and trustability in what you are doing. 

Well, our company history begins on 01.04.2015 when an enthusiastic, goal-oriented team of developers with a clear vision of aims and objectives decided to change the existing rules of the iGaming industry and develop an Independency Platform for operators with innovative solutions.

Now we have a great team of employees whose mission is to return the human natural state to all of our partners, which is the Independency. We would like to make our partners’ lives easier by automating all possible business processes and giving them a chance to operate with minimal resources. 

Starting from scratch our goal-oriented team has grown during these 7 years and we impressively increase the count of our partners. 

“The existing game rules are no longer acceptable for the upcoming years of the iGaming industry.”

Nerses Khachatryan, Founder and CEO at IQ Soft.

It will be the company’s fifth participation in ICE London. What exciting things can we expect this year?

We always thrive on the newest iGaming ideas and create all the tools to keep up with the iGaming trends. What operators need to expect this year is having a Sportsbook Solution with all the configurational and super flexible tools, which are more advanced this year, a Core Platform that is now compliant with more requirements by regulators and a gaming suit with new addons. The key thing to remember is that we always make data-driven decisions and those are visible in our views and our products. 

How did you take the news of the date suspension?

Honestly, that was more or less expected, so we were not that surprised. However, some of our colleagues were a bit sad, as it was their first time participating and it was suspended. It gave us more room to be prepared for the Expo and showcase a better range of Solutions. Also, Spring in London has nice scenery!

Is there any alliance in particular that you would be interested in achieving?

Our slogan says that we are Independency Provider, which means that our aim is to return the human-natural state to the iGaming industry, which is Independency. We are more than happy to welcome many operators/providers/newbies to our IQ Family and provide them with Independency platforms leading to a better experience. 

So it’s not about targeting and reaching exact providers, but mostly about creating an alliance around the idea of Independency, which will bring new rules for the industry. Besides that, there are more ideas, which you will hear later when this initial goal will be reached.

What analysis do you make of the growth of the sports betting market?

Sports betting is a dynamic industry where new trends come and go or become a new reality. 

“What was popular a few years ago may not be a trend this year.”

Nerses Khachatryan, founder and CEO at IQ Soft.

In my opinion, the top 3 points which will make a boom and help sports betting operations are: Fully automated trading, where no traders are needed for trading odds of thousands of events per day, Free bets and other sport-specific bonuses, which will attract more and more players to be involved in sports betting, and Anti-betting, something which is going to change the existing rules of iGaming industry and bring the relationship between the operators and their customers to the more professional level.

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