NBA x MegaPari: the affiliates’ choice

MegaPari provides revenue share up to 50 per cent.
MegaPari provides revenue share up to 50 per cent.

Discover why betting on basketball matches could be a highly profitable opportunity and how MegaPari can boost affiliate earnings.

Press release.- Basketball, especially the NBA, is not just a sport but a cultural icon. Its significant moments and achievements have amplified global interest, fueling basketball betting.

Marking the arrival of the NBA’s highly-anticipated autumn season, MegaPari presents increased odds for the outcomes of main matches.

According to MegaPari’s research, basketball enthusiasts mostly hail from countries like Turkey, India, Iran, and Zambia. However, one shouldn’t overlook the sport’s popularity in Brazil and Argentina. 

A recent MegaPari study showed that the number of bets on basketball has increased by 250 per cent from the previous year, while the amount of bets has increased by 108 per cent. Given these figures, it’s evident that the forthcoming NBA tournament is a golden opportunity for affiliates.

MegaPari offers enhanced odds for main basketball matches, complemented by enticing sports promotions. Their user-friendly app ensures smooth mobile betting, while efficient payment methods promise swift fund withdrawalsThis will attract a significant number of players, allowing affiliates to capitalize on the players’ interest in NBA matches.

To boost affiliate earnings, MegaPari provides a revenue share of up to 50 per cent, along with flexible CPA, Hybrid, and Fix deals. Additionally, marketing insights further enrich the partnership experience.

The rising popularity of basketball in the betting realm is a trend that has become a goldmine for affiliates. Collaborating with MegaPari empowers partners to harness this momentum and achieve maximum profits. If you’re eager to join the team and work with professionals, reach out at [email protected].

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