NagaCorp’s casino in Russia to open in 2019

The Hong Kong company will open its new casino in Vladivostok, Russia, by 2019.
The Hong Kong company will open its new casino in Vladivostok, Russia, by 2019.

The installation of the new casino in Russia has started and NagaCorp’s workers have arrived to the city to set the company’s presence.

Russia.- Primorsky Entertainment Resort City, the integrated Resort of Vladivostok, Russia, has started its installation phase and would be finished by 2019, according to Timothy Patrick McNally, chairman of the NagaCorp’s Board, the company in charge of the project.

The Hong Kong casino company released its annual report, where they announced that the Russian venue is “broadly on schedule for operation by 2019.” “We believe our strategy to diversify our business geographically and expand into new casino markets will drive revenue growth in the long term,” the chairman added.

NagaCorp’s workers already opened a new office in Vladivostok and the company appointed special personnel to control the process of the new casino. The Primorsky Entertainment Resort City will count with the investment of US$350 million. The casino aims at attracting both local and international visitors, specially the Northern Chinese and Korean players. Furthermore, the company will directly compete with the renowned Summit Ascent Holding’s Tigre de Cristal, the most visited casino in the country.

Last year, Tigre de Cristal reported that the casino experienced the visiting of 200,000 tourist during the activities of 2016. The number of foreign and local players will be boosted by the new gaming and entertainment venue.