Most Canadian online slot stream viewers are women, study finds

Data showed that 67 per cent of viewers have a "technical" profession.
Data showed that 67 per cent of viewers have a "technical" profession.

A study carried out by showed that 58 per cent of stream viewers are women.

Canada.- The results of a study carried out by show online gambling streaming habits in Canada. The survey found that 58 per cent of stream viewers are women, contradicting the prevailing belief that men were the bigger audience.

Other figures showed that 67 per cent of viewers have a “technical” profession, and the humanities accounted for only 33 per cent. It also revealed that most of the viewers watch streams in the evening rather than during the day.

The study of 25,000 people was conducted between March 1 and September 1. is a gaming site that offers analytics and independent reviews of Canadian online casinos.

Robert Lewis, an expert, commented: “It was even more surprising for us to find out that viewers like doctors, educators, lawyers, and engineers follow the broadcasts much more often. And people practicing “creative” professions, including musicians, artists, photographers, and the like, hardly watch any streaming sessions.”

Ontario’s online gambling market opened on April 4. iGaming Ontario, the subsidiary of Alcohol and Gaming Commission of Ontario (AGCO), has responsibility for regulating the market, as well as issuing licences to operators and suppliers.

Ontario igaming revenue for first three months hits CA$162m

iGaming Ontario (iGO) has released its first public report of market performance since the Ontario igaming market launched on April 4. The report covers the first full quarter of market operations, ending on June 30. Revenue for the period was CA$162m from wagers of $4bn.

There are 18 operators active across 31 gaming websites and 492,000 active players. Players have spent an average of $113 a month. Operators include US giants such as DraftKings, and Bally Bet, international groups such as Entain and local operators like North Star.

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