Mongolia wants to launch its casino market

The Asian country is trying to revive a legislation to legalise the casino industry.

Mongolia.- After almost two decades of trying to legalise the casino industry, Mongolia is back on track to try to launch its own market. According to UlanMedia, the Government is currently in the process of reviving a legislation.

The plan that the government has in mind consists of reviving a legislation that would authorize a racetrack and a casino near the border with Buryatia, which is a federal subject to Russia.If it gets passed, there’s a possibility that the country could welcome more casinos near the international airport of Ulan Bator, Mongolia’s capital, as well as the district near the border with China, Zamyn-Üüd, and in Altanbulag village, which is near the Russian town Kyakhta.

This attempt of pushing a legislation is certainly not the first one for Mongolia, since it’s been trying to launch the gambling market since 1997. Earlier last year Mongolia’s Cabinet Secretariat approved a draft legislation that would have authorised two casinos operated by the Australian company Frontier Capital Group.

One of the main reasons why mongolia hasn’t been able to legalise the casino industry is because they’re still not sure how to face the fact that they don’t want local residents to be able to gamble. That’s why all the projects are located near the borders with other countries, such as China and India, two nations that also have limitations to their residents.