Missouri to protect lottery winners’ identities

Lottery operators will no longer be able to name winners.
Lottery operators will no longer be able to name winners.

Missouri lawmakers have passed a bill that would protect lottery winners’ identities, prohibiting companies from publishing their personal information online.

US.- Lawmakers in Missouri have passed a bill to protect lottery winners’ identities.

Rep. Jay Mosley’s HB 402 is set to change state law to prevent lottery operators from sharing the names or any other information about the winners of lottery draws on their websites.

Mosley said: “The last thing we want is for the excitement of winning the lottery to be replaced with a sense of fear because the newfound money draws unwanted attention.

We’ve seen cases where winners are harassed and even threatened, and that’s something we want to do all we can to prevent. This is a simple change but one that will protect everyone who plays the lottery here in Missouri.”

The bill has passed easily through the House of Representatives and the Senate and has now been sent to the governor’s desk for final approval.

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