Missouri committee passes sports betting

Missouri committee passes sports betting

Missouri sports betting legalisation has reached the House floor after it cleared the state’s House Special Committee this week.

US.- Missouri is moving forward with a potential gambling expansion and may soon legalise new verticals. Lawmakers have been active and discussing possibilities, which seem to be getting closer.

This week, Missouri sports betting got a step closer as it cleared the state’s House Special Committee (HSC). The bill has reached the House floor, where Representatives will debate its approval.

State Representative Dan Shaul had said that Missouri has a problem with unregulated gambling, KMBC News reported. “This isn’t something I want to kick down the road for another three or four years because all it’s going to do is hurt us on both sides of the aisle,” he added.

The seven-member special Missouri committee worked on sports betting and VLTs. “Whether you agree with what’s taking place, it’s happening,” Shaul said. “People in Missouri have found this gambling and they’re liking it and they’re using it and it’s costing the state millions of dollars.”

The committee is still unsure whether the state should have separate bills for sports betting and VLTs. “Either bill is going to have to thread a needle and have a very narrow path to success,” he said. “I think we get left behind on both of these issues if we don’t pass something on both of them this year because we’re losing money that goes directly to education.

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