Missouri interested in downtown casino

A company said that it’s interested in building a casino in the St Joseph area, in Missouri.

US.- Missouri-based company Inner Circle Investments LLC, said that they’re interested in building a casino in a parking lot that’s located next to the Radisson hotel in the St Joseph area of the state. The plan includes moving the already St Jo Frontier Casino to the new location.

Clint Thompson, Planning and Community Development Director, said that Affinity Gaming, the company behind Frontier initially didn’t want to move without an incentive, but he believes that Inner Circle can give them more incentive than the original company would be able to provide. Inner Circle Board of Directors member Mark Hall said that the would be a good move for Affinity since it would reduce expense and generate revenue.

Members of Inner Circle set up a meeting to discuss the project, and they will vote a memorandum on December 19, when they meet again. Even though it is not a legally binding contract, it could be helpful to move the process.