Missouri faces illegal gambling issue

Missouri received several illegal gambling complaints.
Missouri received several illegal gambling complaints.

The regulator in Missouri is dealing with an illegal gambling issue as it has received 84 complaints about unauthorised slot machines and devices.

US.- One of the most important things in a healthy gaming industry is to keep control of operating venues. That’s why the Missouri Gaming Commission is looking at a potential illegal gambling issue.

The state regulator received 84 complaints about potential illegal slot machines and other devices spreading across Missouri. According to local media, they have identified at least 200 potentially illegal machines in stores and fraternal organisations in 2019.

Missouri Lottery praise

The Missouri Lottery received high marks from state Auditor Nicole Galloway. She said it is “very well managed” and, as she issued no findings, assured the agency’s bookkeeping is “excellent”.

“The audit identified no significant deficiencies in internal controls, no significant noncompliance with legal provisions. Furthermore no significant deficiencies in management practices and procedures,” Galloway noted.

However, as the Missouri Lottery plans to transfer US$323 million to schools, they are uncertain about its future. According to officials, lawmakers may decide to reduce the agency’s advertising money.

The authorities have been spending US$16 million in advertising for two years, but the Legislature cut its budget. This year, it budgeted US$5 million instead.

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