Melco is ready for Japan

melco japan

Melco chairman and CEO Lawrence Ho Yau Lung. (Credits:

Melco Resorts & Entertainment is ready to expand its renowned businesses to Japan.

Japan.- As Japan keeps moving forward with its recently approved casino industry, Melco Resorts & Entertainment is ready to invest in the country. As revealed the company’s chairman and chief executive, Lawrence Ho Yau-lung, “next June will be crunch time for his dream to extend his casino and entertainment empire to the new gambling frontier: Japan,” according to SCMP.

“Japan is an amazing place but it just got 20 million visitors a year. Look at Macau, it got well over 30 million visitors. Hong Kong got more than 40 million visitors,” Ho said in an interview with the local press. “There is a lot of potential in the market.” And continued: “In our industry, there are so many legends. Like my father, Sheldon Adelson and Steve Wynn, they all created something.”

Last December, the Congress approved casino projects, although companies haven’t been able to present their proposals yet as they need the approval of a second legislation regulating the bidding and installation process. Legislators were supposed to debate over the second bill during this session, but the national government decided to delay it.

Meanwhile, potential casino operators and international industry representatives held a national meeting at Tokyo’s Imperial Hotel, where businessmen assessed the upcoming regulations and casino development. The casino industry in Japan is one of the most expected projects in the world due to its highly potential and profitability.