Massachusetts insists on online lottery sales

The state treasurer continues with her attempts to allow the state lottery to sell tickets online.

US.- Massachusetts has discussed several times the possibility to allow the state lottery to sell tickets online, and state Treasurer Deborah Goldberg is one of the officials that are behind the initiative. She has now informed a panel that there has been a decrease in sales and that Massachusetts needs to modernise its system.

The Treasurer informed that Lottery sales decreased to US$997 million in the fiscal year from the US$1.03 billion that it had generated in 2017. Out of the 44 states that offer lottery games, 11 allow players to buy tickets online.

”The landscape has shifted and technology has transformed every aspect of our lives. I am confident that our Lottery will continue to maximise its performance, maintain current revenues, and meet the need for unrestricted local aid — but all of us as partners must take the next steps together,” said Goldberg.

She added that the next step for the Lottery is to go online and attract a younger market: “We need to provide the Lottery with the tools and resources necessary to win new customers, utilising digital marketing and providing frictionless transactions through cashless purchasing options.”

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