Marina Ostrovtsova: “BGaming’s presence at SiGMA Europe Summit in Malta promises to be a showstopper”

Marina Ostrovtsova, BGaming CEO.
Marina Ostrovtsova, BGaming CEO.

Marina Ostrovtsova, CEO at BGaming, sat down with Focus Gaming News for an exclusive interview covering the upcoming SiGMA Europe 2023 and the company’s expectations.

Exclusive interview.- BGaming will participate this year at SiGMA Europe. On the eve of the event, Focus Gaming News spoke with Marina Ostrovtsova, the company’s CEO, about the expectations that BGaming has for the upcoming expo and the company’s latest products.

What are the company’s objectives for the expo? What are your expectations in terms of meeting with clients and potential deals?

Participating in this event offers an invaluable opportunity to effectively convey our core values, enabling us to showcase BGaming’s diverse range of products and services. Additionally, SiGMA Europe Summit is pivotal in expanding our professional network by fostering face-to-face interactions and discussions with both current partners and potential clients. 

The advantages of in-person meetings with industry colleagues and prospective partners cannot be overstated, as they generate a higher level of engagement and facilitate deeper connections. This, in turn, empowers us to not only establish and solidify relationships but also to negotiate new phases of cooperation and explore innovative opportunities more effectively.

In light of our participation in SiGMA exhibition, we also aim to meet with colleagues in person and actively seek out new partners, all while engaging in productive discussions about new activities and potential collaborations.

On top of that, this event is used to the fullest team-wise having our “remote way of doing things” in place. We are using all this time before the event and after even to closely interact with each other, doing kind of behind-the-work things.

What will be the most attractive feature at your stand at SiGMA?

BGaming’s presence at SiGMA Europe Summit in Malta promises to be a showstopper, combining the dynamic worlds of art and gaming in an unforgettable way. At the forefront of our showcase is our groundbreaking project, “When Art Meets Gaming,” which has captivated audiences at major industry exhibitions throughout the year.

We’ve joined forces with exceptional local artists, including Dutch I AM EELCO, pop-inspired Thumbs, and Spanish muralist Jay Kaes, to bring a burst of creativity and innovation to our exhibition experience. 

Ahead of SiGMA Europe 2023, we are thrilled to announce our final collaboration with a celebrated street artist MARCAMIX, whose work adorns the landscape of Malta. Inspired by BGaming’s iconic Elvis Frog slot and its vinyl record symbol, MARCAMIX has ingeniously “remixed” our top characters into unique creations.

These captivating works, featuring characters from games like Elvis Frog, Book of Cats, Aztec Magic, and Gold Rush with Johnny Cash, will be proudly displayed at stand 2109 from November 14th to 16th. As always, we have prepared exclusive limited edition merchandise, including clothing and branded gifts adorned with live-art BGaming characters by MARCAMIX.

Additionally, we’ve thoughtfully provided featured lockers for attendees to securely store their belongings, ensuring their comfort and convenience throughout the event. And, of course, there’s our signature bar – a hallmark of BGaming stands at the grand exhibitions – offering the ideal setting for networking and productive discussions over drinks.

“At SiGMA, we’re taking the intersection of art and gaming to a new level, and we invite you to be part of this exciting journey.”

Marina Ostrovtsova, BGaming CEO.

Can we expect BGaming to introduce any new innovative content at the showcase?

Absolutely, you can expect BGaming to introduce some innovative and exciting content at the showcase. One of our key highlights is our in-game marketing tools, including Drops, Jackpots, and Tournaments.

BGaming’s Drops offer random fixed-value prizes during specified periods to engage lower-bet-level players and boost retention. Not long ago we launched our first Drop campaign dedicated to Halloween, and we’ve already planned more for the X-mas season. In contrast, Jackpots are created with larger rewards for medium to high-stakes players upon reaching milestones. BGaming Tournaments feature, a thrilling addition, provides in-game tournaments with fixed prize pools and customizable leaderboards to enhance player retention and session duration.

Alongside these novelties, we are actively expanding our game lineup. October witnessed two premier games – Scratch Alpaca and Merge Up

Merge Up is going to revolutionize the iGaming industry with its perfect balance between stunning graphics and dynamic gameplay. It introduces merging mechanics, a top mobile gaming trend, to the online casino slots world. With shimmering Gem symbols that form winning clusters and merge into higher-value symbols, players can enjoy frequent yet precisely timed rewards, creating an exciting chain reaction of winnings.

On top of the main releases, we are also known for crafting customized and branded games tailored to casino operators’ unique preferences and brand identity, ultimately enhancing player retention and overall revenue. We are excited to present over 100 branded games annually, and our strong partnership with Blaze Casino is a testament to our ability to deliver exceptional gaming experiences that turned into exclusive case study material. 

What noteworthy outcomes can you share regarding BGaming’s endeavours in enhancing player retention and acquisition?

In our ongoing pursuit of excellence and the relentless drive to elevate our players’ experience, BGaming is currently in the midst of developing several novelties aimed at enhancing player retention and acquisition.

Our commitment to enhancing user interface (UI) seeks to captivate users through an immersive and visually appealing gaming experience. This includes achieving an attractive look and style that enhances our brand image and delights users from the first touchpoint. Furthermore, we’re working on improving mobile adaptation to ensure a seamless and intuitive gaming experience on mobile devices in response to the growing mobile gaming market. Additionally, our streamlined customization and faster development processes will enable efficient modifications and updates, keeping us agile in the competitive online gaming industry.

Introducing the Replays feature at BGaming is a pivotal step in fostering a richer user experience and solidifying trust. It offers in-game replay functionality, enabling users to relive their winning moments fostering deeper engagement. The feature also empowers social sharing, enhancing a sense of community and allowing users to share memorable moments with others.

We’re also working on providing users with access to the entire BGaming game library through the in-game lobby, enabling a wider selection of games for more robust engagement. Personalized game recommendations will mitigate user churn, and we’re streamlining game-switching for a more user-friendly experience. The enhancement of game icons will improve game visibility and attract users. These ongoing developments are part of our commitment to enhancing user experience and long-term engagement.

“BGaming is currently in the midst of developing several novelties aimed at enhancing player retention and acquisition.”

Marina Ostrovtsova, BGaming CEO.

Out of all of your latest releases, which of the games has brought you the most accolades from players?

At BGaming, we stand out by continuously listening to our players and prioritizing their preferences. Through close collaboration with our partner, the Scatters Club community, we conduct real-player testing and integrate their valuable suggestions into our game development.

An impressive 96 per cent of the Scatters Club community has expressed a favourable outlook on our Merge Up™. This groundbreaking title combines stunning graphics and dynamic gameplay, introducing unique merging mechanics to the world of casino online slots. 

At the core of the game are the shimmering Gem symbols of varying levels, which form winning clusters and merge into higher-value symbols. These upgraded symbols not only pay but also have the potential to merge again, creating a thrilling chain reaction of winnings. This unique symbol progression ensures that players enjoy frequent, yet precisely timed, rewards, maintaining high anticipation levels even during the base game.

What do you think are the customers’ demands at the time in terms of features and how do you manage to keep up with those demands?

Players have diverse preferences, and their needs can vary significantly. That’s why we maintain a diverse portfolio of games to cater to a wide range of tastes. Additionally, we stay attuned to industry trends and strive to create up-to-date, in-demand games, not only online slots but also casual games, scratch cards, and more.

Mobile gaming has been riding a wave of popularity for a long time. We know it and we use it, titles like Merge Up are a prime example. Casual games like Scratch Alpaca and games employing the Bonanza mechanics, such as Aztek Magic, Bonanza Billion, and Dice Bonanza, continue to be in high demand. Furthermore, games with rich in-game features, including Bonus game, Buy Bonus, and Free Spins, like Gemhalla and Savage Buffalo Spirit MEGAWAYS, are also sought-after by our players.

To manage and stay aligned with these diverse demands, we closely monitor player preferences, keep our game offerings updated, and remain responsive to emerging trends in the gaming industry. This enables us to deliver games that are relevant and appealing to our player base.

Where can we look forward to seeing BGaming in terms of industry events and new market entries?

In 2024, BGaming has an exciting calendar of industry events on the horizon. We are all set to showcase our presence at key expos, starting with ICE London in February, followed by SiGMA Americas in April, IGB Live in July, and others.

“As we grow, we’re not only expanding our geographic reach but also continually enhancing our gaming portfolio to offer players an ever-broader array of experiences.”

Marina Ostrovtsova, BGaming CEO.

We’re not limiting our participation to just attendance; instead, we’ll have our dedicated exhibition stands at these events, enhancing our visibility and interaction with industry stakeholders. Furthermore, our commitment to industry engagement doesn’t stop there – our delegates will be actively participating in several other prestigious iGaming exhibitions worldwide.

In terms of market expansion, we are making significant strides, especially in the Latin American market. Moreover, we’ve already made considerable progress in acquiring certificates in critical regions, such as Bulgaria, Portugal, and Slovakia. We are poised to enter additional markets, such as Italy, the Netherlands, Switzerland, and Colombia, with certification processes slated to follow soon after.

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