Maria Bashkevich: “We are planning to strengthen our positions in the casino vertical”

Maria Bashkevich, head of marketing at Uplatform.
Maria Bashkevich, head of marketing at Uplatform.

Maria Bashkevich sat down with Focus Gaming News to talk about Uplatform’s attendance at iGB Live!

Exclusive interview.- Before the start of a new edition of iGB Live! Maria Bashkevich, head of marketing at Uplatform, granted Focus Gaming News an exclusive interview to talk about the company’s expectations regarding the event and why people should stop by Uplatform’s stand.

What are your expectations for the next edition of iGB Live! Amsterdam?

Thanks to most travel restrictions being lifted, I expect a larger audience with more attendees from a wider geographical area, which means more business opportunities for us. In light of last year’s iGB being our debut, it would be great to reflect on how we performed over these ten months and share our incredible results with the industry. The most exciting part is that we are just getting started!

What is the message you aim to convey at the expo?

We aim not just to promote our dynamic brand but the advantages of our tailored solution, which is designed to meet the needs of various markets. We also want to let people know that our clients are a vital aspect of our business; we understand our clients and their problems.

We know, for example, the importance of localisation, that’s why our offering is tailored to the client’s needs, the diversity of different markets, and their specific demands. To ensure that our content, payment options, marketing tools, etc., fully satisfy all market needs and expectations, we continually develop, improve, and refine all aspects of our solution. As well as a focus on our strongest product – our ultimate sportsbook.

It’s just not all exhibiting, our entire Uplatform team would also like to share some positive vibes and show that even though we are a platform provider, we are also an amazing team of professionals who are passionate about our product and are interested in our customers and partners. Come to our stand N24 to meet with our inspiring team, try some truly delicious cocktails and play some engaging games 🙂 

Currently, what percentage of your business does each unit represent: casinos and sports?

Our main focus is sports betting, as our sportsbook is one of the strongest on the market with its coverage, features and high conversion. We have a lot of clients who only use our Sportsbook API, so I would say we are primarily sports betting-oriented.

Nevertheless, our casino collection is very impressive, and we’re still constantly working on expanding our offering. Actually, in the near future, we are planning to strengthen our positions in the casino vertical, as we are planning to introduce a new product – our own game aggregator. We are already in the process of finalizing everything – We will be launching very soon… If you are looking to expand your casino content, you know where to find us – small hint 😉 

What do you consider to be the most valued tool by your clients – CRM, back office, etc?

Actually, we have asked our clients what they value most, and all of them highlighted that they really appreciate that we have everything they need all in one place – all the sports, games, and tools they need. 

Along with our hassle-free approach, like instances when clients have something they need, we simply add it upon request—ensuring that everything is well-prepared to run their operations smoothly and stress-free. Our solution has been created to enable our clients to lead their bettors through the funnel with maximum effectiveness and higher conversion. As an example, the first stage, awareness; we provide marketing advice as well as marketing tools like an affiliate program, an agent scheme, CMS with SEO settings, bonus tools, as well as content for organic traffic – unique content to engage more bettors, well-structured templates and landing pages, and popular team pages. Among several other strategies to enhance awareness, conversion, or retention.

“Our solution has been created to enable our clients to lead their bettors through the funnel with maximum effectiveness and higher conversion.”

Maria Bashkevich, head of marketing at Uplatform.

All that goes together with powerful administrative tools, like back-office and CRM, that you’ve mentioned. They help our clients better monitor the growth of their brands, and the movements of funds and of course work more effectively with the player base thanks to massive reporting, segmentation and marketing communication.

So answering your question about which tool, they valued not just one concrete tool – but the platform in general with all its services and content. 

What are the three main differentials of the Uplatform’s platform?

As previously mentioned – we’ve asked our clients what they valued the most. 

First was that we offer a full-service platform with everything needed in one place. 

Second, our approach – your problem is ours, your success – is our top priority. After speaking with a few prospective clients, I learned that every single one of them had previously experienced a platform supplier that did not pay attention to them and their operations once the project had already launched. We’ve decided to change that – and implemented a unique approach, where we have a “success manager” whose main task is to monitor our client’s growth and help them expedite this process. Our team has hands-on experience in operation, so they know what it takes to build a successful business, and what problems and struggles our clients have in different markets. And we’re helping, supporting and consulting them with all their needs. 

In the end, clients are happy, we are happy – it’s a win-win situation. 

And last but not least – they all are mentioning our sportsbook. Most impressively, it’s developed fully in-house, and we are very proud of it 🙂 I’m personally still surprised by the coverage – all the time I’m discovering some new events to bet on – for example, you can bet on who will be the first to make contact with UFO’s, or who will score in the next match of the football student league. The beauty is that it’s created with bettors in mind – to ensure their betting experience is even more comfortable and exciting.

From our numbers, we have a very high conversion rate and very effective f/e, so our clients are showing amazing results on GGR growth, growth of new registrations and first deposits. I think this result can be achieved only if both the client and platform provider are interested in the result and the growth of the project. And it’s our case 🙂 

It would be impossible for me to share all the information I have here. For your dear readers who are interested, please stop by our stand. I would love to meet you. I’ll treat you to fantastic coffee or a tasty cocktail and tell you more about Uplatform’s impressive products 😉

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