Malaysia to build world’s largest casino cruise

The Malaysian company announced that they will start building the ship.

Malaysia.- Podiumspot Capital Group, a Malaysian company, announced that they will start working on what they say will be the largest casino cruise ship. Crusino will be launched on April 3 and they expect it to be completed in three years.

The casino cruise ship will measure more than 290 meters and 36 in width, and it will feature 1330 staterooms, with a capacity of 900 crew members and 3200 passengers. Crusino will dedicate two decks to gambling, which would become the largest casino on sea. The rooms will contain televisions that can be used for gaming purposes so passengers can also participate in live casino games. If the project doesn’t meet important stops along the way, it would be embarking it’s first trip in April 2020.

T. Leonard, Podiumspot Capital Group CEO, said that the construction will cost approximately US$560 million, and it will be built in either China or Vietnam. According to The Sun Daily, once Crusino is completed and fully functioning, it will become the largest off-land casino.