Las Vegas Sands under probe in the US

Nevada Gambling regulator will investigate operations of Las Vegas Sands Corp in the State.

US.- The Nevada Gaming Control Board is investigating operations in Las Vegas Sands casino due to possible VIP bettors who played using false identities. Chinese players seemingly made high-stakes bets in other people’s names on the Nevada casino. The State’s gambling regulator is probing the role of casino operators during these activities.

Las Vegas casinos have been recently setting strategies to attract wealthy Chinese baccarat players. Therefore, several gaming centres are operating high-stakes betting services placed by frontmen. Under their names, Chinese players would bet millions of dollars without exposing their identities as frontmen’s signatures would appear in the credit paperwork, as Reuters revealed in an investigation.

According to Reuters, the Nevada Gaming Control Board has begun the investigation by inquiring Las Vegas Sands Corp.’s authorities related to the matter. “And we’ve responded in a timely and transparent matter, as we always do,” stated Ron Reese, a Sands spokesman. The allegations against Las Vegas Sands started last year when Clark County prosecutors accused two women of failing to repay millions of dollars in gambling debts at the Las Vegas Sands’ Venetian and Palazzo casinos.

The case revealed that the two women worked at Las Vegas Sands as housekeepers and had been recruited as shills by the company to be frontmen in certain operations, as the attorneys of the accused women commented. The women participated during the betting process by standing near the table game and then taking out millions of dollars in credit in their own names. The prosecutors were not able to show the evidence and the case was dismissed during preliminary hearings in Las Vegas Justice Court.