Konami showcased its latest games and tech at NIGA

Throughout the 2-day event, people discovered Konami
Throughout the 2-day event, people discovered Konami

The Annual Indian Gaming Tradeshow & Convention featured a mix of industry top-performing Konami games and systems technology on April 21 – 22, 2022 in Anaheim, California.

Press release.- Tribal gaming professionals and executives representing 184 sovereign nations discovered winning entertainment available on Konami Gaming, Inc.’s DIMENSION line, as well as the latest award winning releases from Konami’s SYNKROS® casino management system. 

This year’s show marked the debut premiere of the multi-game edition of All Aboard™ on Konami’s big-screen DIMENSION 75C™. In addition, guests explored industry-leading SYNKROS casino systems technology such as the Konetic™ employee mobile app, SYNK31™ Title 31 / Anti-Money Laundering (AML), and more throughout the event.

Dimension 75C

DIMENSION 75C™ is the newest premium cabinet in Konami’s DIMENSION line. This large format machine consists of one jumbo 75 inch monitor, curved from top to bottom in a slight “C” shape. Its generous slant top features dual jumbo spin buttons, dual cup holders, and dual wireless phone chargers.

In keeping with all DIMENSION series slots, DIMENSION 75C has a sloped footrest, multi-color edge lighting effects, and a sheen silver finish. DIMENSION 75C supports all popular Konami game IP from the DIMENSION 49J™, such as All Aboard and Ocean Spin™. Among the top showcase titles is a multi game edition of All Aboard—bringing together 4 different base games in one machine.

All Aboard Gold Express

Thrill seekers can take the excitement of All Aboard to new heights with the release of All Aboard: Gold Express™. This high-denom edition of the popular Konami linked progressive has a large Grand jackpot starting at $50,000 or $100,000, based on selected par percentage. In addition, it supports a variety of multi-denom options to choose from. All Aboard: Gold Express is available with Dynamite Dash, Piggy Pennies, Go West, and Masked Warrior.

Dimension 49J

Konami Gaming, Inc.’s award-winning DIMENSION 49J has demonstrated success by consistently ranking among the casino industry’s top premium lease cabinets.

Equipped with a 49-inch 4K Ultra HD (UHD) “J” curve display, its streamlined frame and custom merchandizing options deliver entertainment over a wide variety of potential placement areas on the casino floor. The DIMENSION 49J’s customengineered button interface is contained within a lighted deck, with dual classic spin buttons and generous surface space for drinks, phones, and other personal effects. Additional player conveniences include a wireless smartphone charging pad, USB port, and built-in handbag hook. 

Konami’s DIMENSION 49J is the launch pad for some of the industry’s most popular premium series like All Aboard and Ocean Spin—both of which continue to expand with additional base game titles. During the 2022 Indian Gaming Tradeshow & Convention, guests encountered promising new linked series on this proven platform, including BattleBots®, Lucky Envelope™ and Bull Blitz™.

Lucky Envelope

A golden tree covered in striking red envelopes is the central object of fortune in Konami’s Lucky Envelope premium linked progressive series. Showcased on DIMENSION 49J with custom merchandising options, Lucky Envelope is a 243 Ways game, with 4 progressive jackpot levels that scale by denomination. Wild red envelope symbols appear on reels 1 and 2 throughout primary play, which can randomly trigger the jackpot pick game.

When awarded, 30 red envelopes flood the screen for the player reveal a guaranteed jackpot award: Mini, Minor, Major, or Grand. Players can also win an instant Mini or Minor award through the game’s Coin Feature. During primary play, the Coin Feature is triggered by collecting a red envelope on reels 1 and 2 in conjunction with coin credit prize symbols on reels 3, 4, and 5. Lucky Envelope makes its Indian Gaming Tradeshow debut with 2 available base games: Jade Wealth™ and Plum Riches™.

Jade Wealth

With its rich, serene green tones, Jade Wealth infuses the Lucky Envelope free game feature with random multipliers. Any 3 or more Free Game symbols trigger up to 15 free games, where Wild symbols on reels 1 and 2 may include additional 2x or 3x multipliers. If a Wild red envelope symbol lands in any position on reels 1 and 2, coin credit prizes on the remaining reels are awarded, with the multiplier applied to all prizes except the minor and mini coins.

Plum Riches

Bathed in deep purple hues, Lucky Envelope: Plum Riches heralds its own unique free game adventure. The free game feature found in Plum Riches takes the Coin Feature even further, by only requiring a red envelope on reel 1, with coin credit prizes available across all the remaining reels. The progressive pick free is also available during the free games feature.

Bull Blitz

Following proven success in the Australian market, Konami is introducing its Bull Blitz premium linked progressive series to North American audiences with launch themes including Fortunes of the Orient™ and Roses & Riches™. Backed by comprehensive multi denomination options, this series offers players the chance at a big linked progressive Grand Jackpot, a progressive Mega Jackpot, and 3 standalone bonus awards. Any 6 or more golden bull symbols trigger the Bull Blitz feature, with a high-energy credit collection bonus. The 3×5 reel frame transforms to 15 independently spinning reels with random credit prizes, golden bull symbols, and blank positions. Wins tally over the course of the feature and any time a golden bull symbol lands, all shown credit awards may re-tally in an “X-TRA HIT”.

Fortunes of the Orient

Players are transported to a role as honoured guest of ancient nobility in Bull Blitz: Fortunes of the Orient. Surrounded by ornate scenes and sparkling gardens, players are ushered through a unique journey to jackpots. Throughout primary play, any 3 or more lantern symbols award the free game feature, with full-reel hero symbols.

Roses & Riches

With a sunny glow and a romantic flare, Roses & Riches takes Konami’s Bull Blitz series to time of storybook love across the Spanish coastline. In addition to the Bull Blitz credit collection feature, players can win the Roses & Riches free game feature with any 3 or more rose symbols.


Robot fighting time is taking to the casino floor, with the world’s first BattleBots slots! Based on the popular robot combat sport and reality TV show broadcast in over 150 countries, Konami’s new BattleBots slots feature iconic environments, sounds, scenes, and machines from the show. Competitors rumble and roll across the reels, in a robot combat to cash. This premium linked progressive series includes giant symbols, expanding reels, and a free game feature that offers a chance to cheer fan favourite bots in a fight to fortune.

Dimension 49

DIMENSION 49 shares nearly all the same key elements of the premium DIMENSION 49J curved machine—including its sleek design, 4K Ultra-high definition (UHD) graphics, and custom-engineered button interface. But with a 49- inch flat portrait display, DIMENSION 49 offers a more streamlined cost option for a strong pipeline of core video slot content. It has all the ingredients for a thrilling player experience, combined with the array of original progressive slot series, to drive long-term entertainment variety and asset value to your venue. DIMENSION 49 gives more options to showcase popular portrait-screen games, on the latest powerful KXP™ platform. 

Fortune Road

Players can battle up to big bucks when they make way for Fortune Road™. This integrated progressive jackpot series for Konami’s DIMENSION 49 is an original new release, with credit collection feature reaching up across the top of the screen toward a big $5,000+ Grand Jackpot. Obscured symbols appear across the center reels throughout game play, which open to reveal high-value pic-A symbols or trigger symbols. 

Any 5 or more trigger symbols usher players to the Fortune Road feature, where they are awarded 3 spins. Players must land additional trigger symbols to topple the fighter symbols displayed above the reels, and collect the prize awards these fighters contain. 

After players collect the Mini, Minor, or Major awards just beyond the end of the fighter symbols, then they have a chance to claim the big Grand Jackpot should additional spins remain.

Power of the Samurai

Players can come face-to-face with the full force of fortune in Power of the Samurai™! Throughout game play, samurai fighters stand guard to the big Grand jackpot. During the free games, players open an additional advantage as the low-value card symbols fall off the reels, for a picture symbols-filled free game adventure.

Roman Honor

Fortune Road: Roman Honor™ puts the player as the hero! Enter the Fortune Road feature and each enemy they defeat takes them closer toward the victory of the big Grand jackpot! The action gets even more exciting during the free game feature, where the Fortune Road feature can occur more frequently.

Fortune Mint

Among Konami’s most popular titles for DIMENSION 49 is a symbol-driven linked jackpot series called Fortune Mint™, with Coin symbols that transform to random multipliers and jackpot symbols when appearing in a highlighted section of the reel frame. Ranked in Eilers & Krejcik Gaming’s list of Top Indexing NEW Games – Core, Video Reel for 11 straight months, Fortune Mint is recognizable by the giant glowing coin that shimmers across the upper part of the screen, spurring interest and anticipation toward its 3-level linked progressive jackpots. 

Any coin symbols that land in the center 3 reels can transform to 10x, 3x, or 2x multipliers, for up to 1,000x wins! The series also showcases a Question Mark feature, whereby coin symbols in the center reels display question marks and transform to multipliers or instant progressive prizes with dramatic effect. This year’s Indian Gaming Tradeshow & Convention signaled the debut of 2 original new Fortune Mint base games: Yi Da Ba Qian™ and Ya Zhou Bao Wu™.

Yi Da Ba Qian

Yi Da Ba Qian carries a mix of purple color hues during the primary game, bursting into gold during the free game feature. Upon entering the free game feature, players are awarded a guaranteed Coin symbol on reel 1 for every free spin they’ve won. This grants greater potential for winning symbol combinations.

Ya Zhou Bao Wu

Ya Zhou Bao Wu is another available compliment in the Fortune Mint series. This original title features stacked Coin symbols on reel 1 throughout the free game feature. With this boost on the first reel, players can enjoy even more winning excitement during their free spins, as they chase massive multiplier combinations.

Treasure Ball Duo Luck

Following 10 straight months on Eilers & Krejcik’s list of Top 25 Indexing Core Games – Low Denom, Konami’s popular Treasure Ball™ Extended ROM linked progressive series is taking on new territory as an integrated linked progressive game in Treasure Ball Duo Luck™. This 5 level linked progressive features the iconic, animated prize ball machine in the upper half of the screen, filled with bright red, gold, and diamond-studded prize balls. Also featured in the prize ball machine are new, blue prize balls, which award random free game-related bonus adventures. Treasure Ball Duo Luck marked its Indian Gaming premiere on DIMENSION 49, with debut base games Elephant Break™ and Gorilla Riches™.

Elephant Break

Players can win the special free game bonus in Elephant Break either by winning one or more blue prize balls during the Treasure Ball Feature, or by landing 3 or more scatter symbols during primary play. During the free games, each wild symbol that lands on the center 3 reels with multiply the total win by 2x or 3x. In addition, players can win increasing bonus Pic-A symbols during the free games, contingent on the number of Diamond Elephant symbols that appear on the reels.

Gorilla Riches

Similar to Elephant Break, the blue prize balls offer unique free game awards in Gorilla Riches. Blue prize balls give random combinations of free spins and bonus credit symbol awards in a credit collection bonus, which transpires directly following the Treasure Ball Feature. A dynamic, white-haired gorilla with glowing green eyes helps celebrate each new credit award tally with thundering fists pounded against his chest.

Rising Diamond

Rising Diamond™ features a unique, expanding reel frame mechanic that takes advantage of DIMENSION 49’s tall portrait screen, with two unique game iterations: Pink Edition and Blue Edition. In this original linked progressive series, the main chase is the wild diamond symbols that appear in the middle 3 reels throughout game play. These wild symbols are colored pink in the Pink edition, and blue in the Blue Edition. Every time a wild diamond symbol lands on the reels, the player is rewarded—whether with an expanded reel frame and/or the free game feature.

Rising Diamond features a GRAND linked progressive jackpot, MAJOR standalone progressive jackpot, and MINOR standalone progressive jackpot, with increased jackpot odds at higher bet levels.

Pink Edition

Rising Diamond is designed to accelerate player excitement as the reel frame stretches further upward. As a scatter pay game that awards wins based on adjacent left-to-right symbol connections rather than traditional line pays, Rising Diamond’s expanding reel frame greatly expands the number of ways each spin can win, up to 100,000 ways! And as the reel frame expands, players increase the odds of triggering the Rising Diamond Bonus—an enhanced free game feature with an expanded reel frame. 

Rising Diamond: Pink Edition awards up to 6 free games and up to 2x wins. Players can win additional free games during the free game feature.

Blue Edition

Rising Diamond: Blue Edition awards up to 3 free games and up to 5x wins. The combination of free games and multipliers awarded is contingent on the outcome of a pick game that occurs directly upon award of the Rising Diamond Bonus. The player is invited to select from a collection of diamonds to reveal their random free game bonus enhancements.

Dimension 27

Konami’s newest stacked-screen core cabinet is out now, as DIMENSION 27. DIMENSION 27 showcases the same base as DIMENSION 49J—complete with relaxed slant top, sloped footrest, touchscreen button deck, dual cupholders, and wired and wireless phone chargers—but with three 27-inch monitors in Ultra High- Definition. 

The bottom screen is roughly at a 70-degree angle for ease of view, while the top two screens stand vertical. DIMENSION 27 is the launchpad for a strong variety of game content, including special-edition SeleXion® multi-game packs, extended ROM progressive jackpot games, new integrated standalone jackpot games, and original new linked progressive series.

Panda Power

Panda Power™ is an original new linked progressive jackpot series available now on DIMENSION 27. It combines popular Konami base games on the lower screen— like Dragon’s Law Twin Fever™, Lion Carnival™, Solstice Celebration™, and Thunder Warrior™—with both a bonus reel frame and a bonus wheel shown on the middle and top screens respectively—effectively leveraging all 3 game screens to deliver different game play experiences. Panda Power offers additional bonus adventure opportunities for players on games they already know and love. 

Whenever 3 or more Panda Power symbols land on the primary reels, the Panda Power Feature is awarded. The middle bonus reel frame is activated, and players receive 1 spin on a reel filled with only panda face symbols and blank symbols. 

Depending on how many panda faces land at the end of the spin, the player is awarded a corresponding number of bonus spins. To make the rewards even greater, players next move to the prize wheel in the top screen where they have the chance at a guaranteed additional prize above beyond the awarded bonus spins.

Lion Carnival

Lion Carnival is among the most popular releases in Konami’s Multiple Lines 15 REELS™ series, not to mention an exciting upcoming addition to the Panda Power series. It features a mystery multiplier chance throughout game play. All multipliers appearing after the reels stop will be multiplied together, for a total multiplier from 1x to 144x. During the free games, the mystery multiplier feature is always active.

Solstice Celebration

No matter the time year, Konami’s popular Solstice Celebration 5-reel video slot captures the magic of the seasons with fascinating bonus play and frequent Sparkle Feature. The game uses Konami’s Xtra Reward® and Action Stacked Symbols® to create stacks of framed matching symbols for increasing win combinations. Anytime framed stacked symbols cover 2 or more reels, any remaining partially-framed reels nudge to cover the entire reel and all framed symbols are transformed to a matching, random gigantic symbol—an extra winning opportunity called the Sparkle Feature. Should the Sparkle Feature produce the free game princess symbol, players win up to 40 free games. During the free games, any wild sun symbols automatically nudge to cover the entire reel with wilds, and the Sparkle Feature can occur more frequently.

Thunder Warrior

Players can feel the earth quiver and the jackpots quake when they wield the power of the Greek god of thunder in Panda Power: Thunder Warrior.

Inspired by strength of Thor, this 5-reel slot game places him as the hero character. His face covers the wild symbol, his helmet acts as the scatter symbol, and his hammer gleams as Pic-A. Whenever a wild symbol lands on the reels, there is a chance Thor shoots down lightning upon the reels, randomly sending full-reel wilds across any reels.

Dragon’s Law Twin Fever

Dragon’s Law Twin Fever is also expanding its reach into the new Panda Power series. This Xtra Reward® title is an original math 5-reel game that pays tribute to the top-performing classic with two long-tailed Dragon’s Law™ characters displayed in the upper screen—a red dragon and a blue dragon—for double the mystery feature excitement. Randomly before or after any spin, either one or both dragon characters will snake across the reels to scatter additional wild symbols.

Dragon’s Law Twin Fever also includes a free game feature, triggered by any 3 or more scatter yin-yang symbols. The Dragon’s Law Feature occurs more frequently during the free games, and additional free games can be won during the free game feature.

Celestial Moon Riches Eclipse

Konami is taking its popular Celestial Riches series to soaring new heights on DIMENSION 27, with an enhancement that allows players to activate the entire reel frame with prize opportunities, in Celestial Moon Riches Eclipse™. Based on their bet, players activate special reel areas for transforming wilds and scatter symbols, which turn to random multipliers and wheel spin opportunities respectively. Celestial Moon Riches Eclipse also debuts a new Eclipse Prize Feature—a credit collection bonus awarded through the game’s wheel feature.

Celestial Sun Riches Eclipse

Like Celestial Moon Riches Eclipse, Celestial Sun Riches Eclipse™ is an ULTRAREELS™ 3-4-4-4-3 game with a 1-level standalone jackpot prize. When any 3 or more scatter symbols land with a least 1 scatter symbol in the special reel area, the game’s Wheel Feature is awarded. If the wheel spin lands on the Eclipse Prize Feature, the player is transported to a credit collection feature across the game’s 3 center reels, with 3 spins awarded. If all 12 positions in the Eclipse Prize Feature become filled, the player is awarded the Total Eclipse Bonus, with 5x wins the collected credit prizes.

Ru Yi Wheel

Ru Yi Wheel™ is an original linked series with a colorful mix of prizes—including wild multipliers, progressive jackpots, wheel spins, and bonus awards—delivered through Asia-inspired art elements, characters, sounds, and scenes. Throughout game play, wheel symbols appear on reels 1 and 5. If a wheel symbol lands on reel 1 or 5, there is a chance of triggering the game’s Jackpot Wheel feature, and if a wheel symbols land on both reel 1 and 5, the Jackpot Wheel feature is guaranteed. 

Players can increase the number of wheel symbols on the reels by increasing their bet amount—thereby increasing their chance to spin to win a Mini, Major, Mega, or Grand jackpot. Konami’s Ru Yi Wheel linked slot series has two available base games: Ru Yi Wheel Lion™ and Ru Yi Wheel Panda™.

Ru Yi Wheel Lion

Ru Yi Wheel Lion puts players at the heart of the celebration, with festive drums, deep red hues, surprising firecrackers, and the traditional Chinese lion as high-value PIC-a symbol. Throughout game play, random 2x, 3x, and 5x wild multipliers appear across all center reels. 

During the free games, any random wild multipliers that appear one symbol outside the primary reel frame will jump into the frame and replace the adjacent symbol.

Ru Yi Wheel Panda

Players are surrounded by symbols of wealth in Ru Yi Wheel Panda. Golden figures and ornamental frames spin across the reels, surrounded by serene green tones, bright peonies, and a smiling panda. 

Any 3 or more temple symbols award up to 25 free games. During the free games, only 2 additional temple symbols are required to win additional free spins.

Mystical Pearl

Shiny, coveted, and an instant classic, Konami’s Mystical Pearl™ series is made for slot treasure seekers! Featured on Konami’s DIMENSION 27 core cabinet, this undersea-themed linked progressive is focused on collecting simmering Pearl symbols, for a Stay & Spin bonus with GRAND jackpot potential. 

Any time throughout primary play or the free games, the hero character can randomly deliver additional Pearl symbols to the reels, increasing the odds of triggering the Stay & Spin feature. Any 6 or more Pearls will trigger the feature, where players have the chance to win random credit prizes, fixed MINOR or MINI bonuses, the standalone MAJOR progressive, or the large, linked GRAND. Mystical Pearl has 2 compatible base game options: Mystical Pearl Mermaid™ and Mystical Pearl Neptune™. 

Filled with an ocean of excitement and sounds that make a splash, Mystical Pearl is a perfect slot showcase across DIMENSION 27’s stacked displays.

SeleXion Classics

Konami’s popular SeleXion multi-game platform is arriving to players on the DIMENSION 27 with a curated collection of Certified Original Konami favorites. The first in these special-edition SeleXion Classic packs features a leading line-up of player-favorite K2V platform titles including China Shores™, Roman Tribune™, Ancient Dragon™, Money Blast™ and Rawhide™. All offer a rich array of in-game configuration options, including a mix of denominations and line sections. 

SeleXion’s robust processing power gives players the fastest game change speed and an optimal interface to enjoy a fun mix of their favorite games in one spot.

Both the topper display and center screen graphics show a “Certified Original” badge to help reinforce the games’ integrity to the original classic versions players love.


Konami’s award-winning SYNKROS® casino management system is in the midst of record momentum, with several high-profile new clients from among the industry’s most innovative tribal operators. It has become the system of choice for properties operating in jurisdictions widely considered the most competitive gaming markets in the world. Top new technology releases include its SYNK31 all-in-one Title 31 / AML system, cardless and cashless solutions, Konetic employee mobile app, and much more.


The Konetic Employee App empowers casino teams to perform a mix of tasks directly from a secure mobile device. By taking traditional cage functions like TITO ticket redemption out on-the-go through Konetic’s Voucher tool, guests can enjoy new heights of service and convenience from a permissioned floor attendant without waiting in line at the cage or kiosk. 

The Konetic Employee App also improves casino floor response times through its enhanced Slot Dispatch module, which also supports team efficiency and visibility. In addition, Konetic’s Cash Can module make soft drops and counts effortless by allowing permissioned employees to scan barcodes and automate the swap out process once each of the cans have been entered.

Money Klip

For years, SYNKROS has supported cashless play at slot machines and table games through Money Klip cashless wagering. Players simply load funds to their loyalty account at the cage or an interfaced TITO kiosk, for easy, fast, and secure digital transactions directly at the gaming machine. Players simply insert their card at the machine and enter their secure PIN when prompted through the True-Time Display™ or True Time Windowing™. Upon successful verification, a message will appear confirming that the cashless wagering account is enabled, and players are invited to click the money icon in order to define how much cash they wish to bring into the game from their Money Klip. When the card is removed from the machine after play, any remaining balance is transferred back into their Money Klip account. They can even spend their digital funds at non-gaming outlets like property restaurants and bars. These combined features really help make cashless wagering as seamless and useful for players as possible.


Konami’s award-winning SYNK31 is a comprehensive Title 31 Anti-Money Laundering (AML) system that allows permissioned SYNKROS administrators to gather, track, review, and complete all AML requirements, including Multiple Transaction Log (MTL), Negotiable Instrument Log (NIL), Suspicious Activity Reporting (SAR), Currency Transaction Reporting (CTR), Know Your Customer (KYC) and more. SYNK31 leverages SYNKROS’ industry-leading data architecture to capture and compile all necessary AML information with robust, near real-time results. 

It supports automated upload of IRS forms, for maximum ease and efficiency. In addition, SYNK31 provides true case management, empowering administrators to compile all reporting, time stamped notes, files documents, screenshots, photos, videos, and emails associated with particular patron or incident in one spot.

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