Konami shares ICE 2020 details

Konami shares ICE 2020 details

Gaming professionals from 150+ nations gain first-hand access to top Konami games and technology at ICE London 2020.

US.- Guests at ICE London 2020 encountered a library of proven slots for Konami Gaming, Inc.’s award-winning speciality cabinets: KX 43TM and Concerto OpusTM. More than 35,000 gaming executives and professionals had the opportunity to experience Konami’s top titles of the new year on February 4 – 6, 2020.

Popular linked progressive series such as Dragon’s Law SeleXion®, Ba Fang Jin BaoTM, Treasure BallTM, and more, covered stand #S7-110 with proven math and original mechanics. Concerto Slant showcased more than two dozen games, as a continuation of Konami’s Concerto dual-screen content. In addition, this year marked the ICE premiere of Konami’s new DIMENSION 49JTM cabinet, with premium merchandising options and high-end entertainment value.

KX 43 and Opus featured a large lineup of 4K UHD game content during ICE 2020, including integrated jackpot games, linked progressives, and SeleXion multi-game compatible progressives. Proven series including Treasure Ball, Ba Fang Jin Bao, and Triple Sparkle arrived at this year’s show for operators to experience firsthand. With a standard cabinet width, four-times the pixel depth of standard HD, and leading library of 4K UHD game themes, Konami’s award-winning KX 43 is designed as a trim-fit champion for any area of the floor. Its 43-inch, edge-lit portrait screen carries custom-programmed graphic interaction with the LCD button panel, which is inlaid a relaxed slant top. Konami also brought top gaming entertainment to the big screen during ICE with Opus. Its extra-large, 65-inch display makes every win an incredible celebration.

Treasure Ball is a one-of-a-kind linked progressive game available on Concerto Opus and KX 43. Inspired by the surprising fun of retro coin-operated toy capsule machines, Treasure Ball can be recognized by its large globe of round mystery prize balls, which players can redeem and reveal during the bonus. As a unique attract feature, Treasure Ball’s long-tailed dragon character periodically flies across all connected screens simultaneously with incredible effect. This linked progressive game combines with most any KP3+TM base game, including Lion CarnivalTM, 5 Elemental LegendsTM, Cobra HeartsTM, Mammoth PowerTM, and more.

Konami’s popular SeleXion multi-game technology and player-favourite Dragon’s LawTM series are coming together in an entirely new Dragon’s Law SeleXion pack in 4K UHD. Available on KX 43 and Opus, Dragon’s Law SeleXion showcases a pair of progressive jackpot games, each championed by the iconic long-tailed dragon first popularized on the company’s Podium® cabinet.

In Dragon’s Law BoostedTM, players can enjoy the familiar 5-reel game or select the “BOOSTED” button to double the lines with double the reel frame. In addition to the random wild feature that players know and love, Dragon’s LawBoosted has a random progressive jackpot chance, including a $5,000+ Maxi.

The SeleXion companion title to Dragon’s Law Boosted is Dragon’s Law Rapid FeverTM, which showcases the popular Dragon’s Law mystery wild feature with fantastic high-reward potential. Throughout primary play, an activated Strike ZoneTM area is outlined in blue, which players can expand from right to left by increasing their extra bet amount. Randomly during or after any spin, the long-tailed dragon flies down to the reels to scatter wild symbols packed with a fever of random bonus prizes, including credit awards, jackpots, and wheel spins. All prizes that land within the selected Strike Zone are awarded, while those that land outside the Strike Zone serve as regular wild symbols.

Players can experience an epic array of pulse-pounding linked progressive titles with Konami’s original Ba Fang Jin BaoTM series, available on KX 43 and Opus. Ba Fang Jin Bao offers a $10,000+ grand jackpot on its symbol-driven, four-level linked progressive platform. This game makes the most of the popular penny game category, with bets ranging from 88-cents to $8.80, with higher jackpot odds at higher bet levels. Available Ba Fang Jin Bao base games—AbundantFortuneTM, Fortune TotemsTM, and Joy of RichesTM—all feature a progressive chance anytime a gold ingot symbol lands on the reels.

Diamond TrailsTM is a symbol-driven progressive series that gives players a unique instant credit prize feature while they work toward linked and standalone jackpot opportunities. Throughout gameplay, diamonds stretch up across the top of the screen. When any 4 or more diamonds are collected on the primary reels, players have a chance to claim instant credit prizes from the diamonds stretching up above the reels, reaching higher amounts as the player advances to higher diamond levels, up to potential jackpot prize opportunities.

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