Julian Borg Barthet, Lady Luck Games: “Our primary goal was to create an amazing and thrilling experience for slot enthusiasts”

Julian Borg Barthet, chief commercial officer at Lady Luck Games.
Julian Borg Barthet, chief commercial officer at Lady Luck Games.

Lady Luck Games’ chief commercial officer spoke with Focus Gaming News about the launch of the company’s new Popeye-themed slot game.

Exclusive interview.- Lady Luck Games has developed a new slot based on the popular character of Popeye. Julian Borg Barthet, chief commercial officer at Lady Luck Games, spoke exclusively with Focus Gaming News about this slot that is sure to be a success.

What inspired the decision to create a slot game based on Popeye?

The decision to create a slot game based on Popeye was inspired by the iconic character’s timeless appeal and the opportunity to introduce a new generation of players to his adventures. We wanted to develop a game that not only appealed to fans of the original comic and cartoons but also resonated with a wider audience of slot enthusiasts.

Popeye has been an enduring figure in popular culture for nearly a century, and we saw an opportunity to bring his unique charm and humor to the world of online gaming. By combining his beloved storylines and characters with engaging gameplay features, we’ve created a truly immersive gaming experience that pays homage to this classic character while providing players with a fresh and exciting slot game to enjoy.

What kind of features can players expect from this new slot game?

 In the process of developing our Popeye slot game, our primary goal was to create an amazing and thrilling experience for slot enthusiasts, while also paying homage to the beloved Popeye character and his fans. By incorporating a variety of engaging features, we’ve ensured an exciting and immersive gameplay experience that appeals to both avid slot players and Popeye admirers alike.

Players can look forward to an assortment of symbols, each with its unique function, as well as multipliers that increase their chances of winning big. The Bonus Game and Free Spins features add an extra layer of adventure, keeping players engaged and eager for more.

We also understand that some players may want to dive straight into the action, so we included a Buy Feature that allows them to access the Free Spins and Bonus Game instantly. Our goal was to craft a game that balances nostalgia for Popeye fans and exhilarating gameplay for slot enthusiasts.

Lady Luck Games stands out for its innovative slots with high-quality graphics and captivating stories. What is the process like when developing a new game?

Developing a new game at Lady Luck Games is an exhilarating journey filled with creativity and collaboration. It begins with a spark of inspiration as our team comes together to brainstorm and explore themes, stories, and unique gameplay elements that will captivate our players. We dive deep into research, analyze trends, and step into the players’ shoes to craft a compelling concept.

As the concept solidifies, our game designers outline the game mechanics, features, and user interface, transforming the idea into a comprehensive blueprint. Simultaneously, our skilled art team brings the game to life with stunning visuals and animations that immerse players in the game world.

Our sound designers contribute by composing an enthralling soundtrack, incorporating sound effects that harmonize with the theme and elevate the gaming experience. Our development team then takes the reins, weaving together the design, art, and audio assets into a fully interactive and engaging game.

But our work doesn’t stop there. We put the game through rigorous testing to ensure it meets the highest quality standards, refining every detail before it reaches the players’ screens. Finally, we launch the new slot game and collaborate with our marketing teams and partners to share our latest creation with the world.

Throughout this exciting journey, the Lady Luck Games team remains dedicated to creating innovative, engaging, and high-quality slot games that cater to a wide range of player preferences and deliver an exceptional gaming experience.

Will there be any crossovers or collaborations with other brands or cartoon characters in future releases?

At the moment, we don’t have any specific plans for crossovers or collaborations with other brands or cartoon characters in our future releases. However, we are always open to exploring new opportunities and partnerships that would bring exciting and unique gaming experiences to our players. Our goal is to keep innovating and delivering captivating slot games that resonate with our audience, and collaborating with well-known brands and characters could be one way to achieve that in the future. However, we still have lots of ideas to churn out more of our own great characters like Madame Clues and Astro Anna to name a few.

Can you give us any hints about other planned releases for the rest of the year?

We’re always working on exciting new releases, and while we can’t give away too much, we can certainly drop a few hints about some of our upcoming games. Keep an eye out for Lady Luck’s Gold Quest, where you’ll join our heroine on a thrilling treasure hunt, featuring a unique reel layout and countless winning combinations. 

We’re also sinking our teeth into a mysterious vampire-themed slot that promises to bring chills and thrills to our players. There’s plenty more in store, but for now, that’s all the teasing we can do!

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