Ivan Kondilenko to speak about bitcoin at CEEGC2017

Ivan Kondilenko is the СЕО of CASEXE.
Ivan Kondilenko is the СЕО of CASEXE.

The CEO of CASEXE will speak about bitcoin in online casino during the “Innovation Talks – The Cryptocurrency Effect” panel at CEEGC2017.

Budapest.- The organisers of CEEGC2017 announced their next speaker who will join the first exclusive cryptocurrency panel in the Innovation Talk Series. Ivan Kondilenko is the СЕО of CASEXE and has a vast knowledge when it comes to Bitcoin and Virtual Reality. He will speak about the presence of bitcoin in online casinos, what are the main happenings in the market during this year and about new features for operators in the upcoming period and 2018.

Ivan will aim towards giving updates and advices about the role of Bitcoin and cryptocurrency in the online gambling industry. The “Innovation Talks – The Cryptocurrency Effect” panel is scheduled to be held between 12:00 – 13:00 (Budapest Local Time) on the first day of the conference on September 19, during the second edition of the Central and Eastern European Gaming Conference Budapest.

Ivan Kondilenko is an expert of launching, management and promoting of online casino projects, who has over 10 years of experience in marketing and brand management, allowing him to feel confident in the world of latest trends and innovations related to online gambling. Constant progress and continuous development are the key principles adhered to by the specialist, in business and in the everyday life.

CASEXE is a young and dynamic developer of gambling software. Company launched many successful online casino projects, land based solutions, lotteries and betting shops. Individual approach to each client, together with innovative products, allows CASEXE to stay one step ahead of the competition and offer its clients the best tools for generating revenue in gambling business.

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