Italy casinos increased revenue in August

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Credits: Fortune.

Four official casinos from Italy reported a monthly revenue increase during August operations.

Italy.- Italian casinos have grown last month, according to local gaming newspaper Gioco News. Even though  casino revenue has increased in the complete Italian gaming market in comparison with June, the traditional casino of Venice has not met the monthly expectations, Intergame reported.

Casino di Venezia has lost €6.9 million in August, which represent a decline of 15.2 percent, Meanwhile, the football betting section grew 5.3 per cent. Furthermore, slots generated €4.9 million , growing 7.9 percent. Saint Vincent in the Valle d’Aosta reported revenue of €5.4 million, up 10.36 percent. Although the slots section slightly decreased, it reported €3.2 million revenue.

“San Remo’s casino grew its revenues by 7.34 per cent at €5.6 million, noting that slots revenues had grown to €4.1 million up 2.45 per cent,” adds the report. Meanwhile, the fourth legal Italian casino, Campione d’Italia, on Lake Lugano, generated a revenue of €7 million in August, which means a growth of 4.87 per cent.

Earlier last month, the Ministry of Economy data revealed that the Italian gaming market has experienced optimistic growth in the last decade. The gaming revenue increase was allegedly boosted by the series of amendments to Italian laws on gambling machines and online gaming introduced in 2015.