Ireland would crackdown gaming machines

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Ireland will investigate illegal slot operations. Credits:

The Irish Minister of Finance said the government would set a crackdown on illegal slot machines.

Ireland.- As the press of Ireland started an investigation this month related to illegal gaming services in the national market, the government agreed on setting stricter regulations against unlicensed gaming machines. The Irish Minister for Finance, Paschal Donohoe, responded yesterday to parliamentary questions regarding the issue.

Donohoe revealed to legislators that the government would set a crackdown on illegal gaming machines, which are currently installed in different casino-style salons, bars and other entertainment facilities in Dublin, as the press claimed in an article this week. The Times newspaper revealed that “some casinos are not in line with a directive and revenue rules about licences issued by the City Council,” as stated by the press.

Meanwhile, the government of Ireland has agreed not to oppose a new gambling control legislation proposed by Fianna Fáil, the Republican Party from Ireland. The bill seeks a clear basis to regulate the gambling industry.

Justice Minister Charlie Flanagan brought the proposal to Cabinet earlier this year as part of a new crackdown on betting firms. The measure also wants to set fresh restrictions on TV and online adverts, as well as a new basis to regulate the gambling sector.

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