Iowa discusses responsible gaming

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Credits: AFP PHOTO/William WEST

The licensed casinos in the Hawkeye State are participating in the Responsible Gaming Education Week.

US.- Iowa’s 19 state-licensed casinos are teaming up during the Responsible Gaming Education Week by reaching out to customers. CEO of the Iowa Gaming Association Wes Ehrecke said that the facilities have been hosting activities through the week.

“The Responsible Gaming Education Week has always been a time over the last 18 years to focus on heightening awareness with our patrons and treatment providers and staff….that people should go to the casino for the fun and entertainment that it is intended to be and using discretionary dollars,” said the CEO. State and gaming officials are set to discuss the law changes on self bans from casinos. Ehrecke said that it’s an opportunity to answer questions and get everybody on the same page.

The new law only covers gaming floor areas at the casinos, as reported. The CEO commented that the studies were focused on changing the law in order to gove people more options when it comes to self-bans.

“If they’ve been excluded for at least five years they would have an opportunity to be reinstated. So that’s another aspect of this we’ve been trying to help educate and heighten awareness and answer questions — of which there have been plenty of in the last couple of weeks.”