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INTRALOT reports annual general shareholders assembly details

intralot shareholders assembly
INTRALOT will continue to make partnerships and explore synergies with other companies.

Re-organisation, New Strategy and Operational Efficiencies are the key drivers for INTRALOT in 2019-2020.

US.- The Annual General Shareholder Assembly of INTRALOT took place on Tuesday, June 25, at the company’s Innovation Center in Athens presenting the Financial Results, the new Strategy, and major Developments and Successes of the previous year.

During the meeting, the new management under INTRALOT’s Group Chairman and CEO, Mr Sokratis Kokkalis presented the new strategic initiatives towards improving operational performance and financial results. Mr Kokkalis stressed that he is very optimistic about the strengths of the company and the opportunities opening up including Sports Betting in the US.

INTRALOT will continue to make partnerships and explore synergies with other companies to enhance its product offering while implementing its strategy of geographic refocus in more developed markets.

INTRALOT’s management presented an overview of the financial results, focusing on the need to improve the company’s cash flow generation through a combination of new business, operational efficiencies, and organic growth opportunities and analyzed the company’s main business developments during the year including the contract renewals with New Hampshire, Wyoming, and New Mexico State Lotteries and the new contracts signed with Camelot for Illinois State Lottery, the “LOTTO Hamburg GmbH” German State Lottery, the Croatian State Lottery, and the NEDERLANDSE LOTERIJ – the Dutch Lottery operator. 

On the organic growth front, the latest successes of the new flagship contract in Canada with British Columbia Lottery Corporation (BCLC) and the renewal of the Sports Betting contract in Morocco in addition to the Illinois Lottery launch earlier this year mark some of the company’s major successes. The company also works intensively to pursue new opportunities in Ohio USA, in Turkey, in Italy, in Argentina and in Brazil.

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