Indiana Senator plans to file sports betting bill

Sports betting could arrive to Indiana thanks to a new bill. Credits: ABC News

The politician said that he aims to legalise sports betting at riverboats, casinos, racings and satellite facilities.

US.- Indiana Senator Jon Ford announced this week his plans to file a legislation that would pave the way for sports betting in the state. The bill would allow the gambling modality at local casinos, riverboats, racings and satellite facilities.

In late 2018 an interim study committee on public policy sent to the General Assembly recommended a sports betting legislation. Ford’s bill would allow people to place bets on all major sports, including college level, both in person and on mobile.

“Legalising sports betting in Indiana would expand our revenue resources and increase recreational opportunities for Hoosiers,” Ford said. “Both in-person and mobile sports gambling are predicted to provide Indiana with hundreds of new jobs as well as an additional US$150 million in annual state tax revenue over the next five years.”

“At this time, only seven other states allow sports gambling,” Ford said and added that they’ve had great success and that he is confident that Indiana can benefit from it as well.

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