MPs call to increase UK charity lottery sales

MPs call to increase UK charity lottery sales

UK charity lottery sales could increase through a proposed reform.

Some lawmakers are urging the government to allow the UK charity lottery sales limit to rise to €116 million to increase funding.

UK.- Once again, politicians are pushing to get UK charity lottery sales limit to rise. A similar request failed last year, but has been renewed with massive MPs support. A poll showed at least 55% of MPs support the UK charity lottery sales limit to rise to €116 million.

According to MP David Amess, the reform is needed to raise money for good causes. “Charity lotteries do great work in raising money for good causes and charities across the country,” he said. “With the stroke of a pen, culture secretary Jeremy Wright and charity minister Mims Davies have an opportunity to dramatically increase the amount of funding available to the charity sector. I and my colleagues urge them to take it.”

MP Miles Briggs also said it would have “an immediate and very positive impact on the level of funding available to charities.” He added that it would “ensure that the charity lottery model for funding charities is sustainable for the years ahead.”

“The government has an opportunity to make a decision that will be of obvious benefit to charities and good causes,” he assured.

“We have recently consulted on a range of options,” the Department for Culture, Media and Sport said. “That includes increasing society lottery sales and prize limits. We hope to respond in the first half of this year.”

Malcolm Fleming, head of public affairs at People’s Postcode Lottery, celebrated the cross-party effort. “It is a recognition that these changes will help charity lotteries cut bureaucracy and administration at no cost to the taxpayer.

“The new limits are backed by charities, the Gambling Commission, MPs and the public – we hope they will be implemented as soon as possible.”

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