Illinois sports betting stakes fall to $369m in July

July is the slowest betting month of the year for sports betting in the US.
July is the slowest betting month of the year for sports betting in the US.

Sports bets were at their lowest since September 2020.

US.- The volume of sports betting through online and retail wagering in Illinois reached to $369m in July, down 22.5 per cent from $476.5 million in June, according to official data. That’s the lowest level in the state since September 2020.

The day-by-day pace of betting fell to $11.9m over the 31 days of July, down from $15.9m over the 30 days of June.

Joe Boozell, lead analyst for, said: “Illinois sportsbooks will not be able to take full advantage of the customer acquisition phase that comes with the beginning of every football season, which is vital for the growth of the industry.

“Because in-person registration was reinstated in April at the beginning of the slow season in sports betting, the industry has skirted the most severe effects of the state rule. But there will be no hiding from it during football season.”

July is typically the slowest betting month of the year in the US. Eric Ramsey, analyst for the network explained: “July features fewer prime betting opportunities and casual bettors are more occupied with vacations and other activities, and there isn’t much sportsbooks can do about that.

“Illinois sportsbooks have done well by increasing their hold over the summer months, which puts operators in a good position as casual bettors return.”

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