iGaming shows good results in Italy

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Credits: BusinessTech.

Online sports betting industry is generating more revenue than land-based gaming salons.

Italy.- The online gaming sector in Italy has been reporting optimistic results, surpassing the total revenue of land-based operations. The analysis published by Italian gaming news agency Agimeg was based on sports betting industry’s revenue, comparing online and land-based operations during August.

According to the report, sports betting revenue last month almost doubled July’s results, as revealed by CalvinAyre. Sports betting revenue last month was over US$99 million, which represents growth of 89 percent in comparison with the reports from the same period last year.

“Retail betting revenue improved 74.7 percent to US$52.5 million whilst online betting shot up 108.6 percent to US$46.8 million. For the year to date, retail wagering revenue is up 7.65 percent while online bets are 34 percent higher,” continues CalvinAyre’s report.

Meanwhile, online casino revenue has also shown an increase last month. Online casinos generated a revenue of US$53.7 million, which represents a 30.6 percent year-on-year improvement. However, online poker operations have fallen 3.8 percent to US$6 million, whilst the year-to-date total is of US$53 million, representing a loss of 5.1 percent.