iGaming operators in Delaware continue their upward trend

iGaming operators in Delaware continue their upward trend

Online gambling operators in the state of Delaware reached their higher earning point since the sector’s launch in 2013.

US.- iGaming operators in Delaware saw their highest earnings ever since the launching of the sector in 2013. In July, the three online gaming operators earned US$281,000, which is quite an improvement compared with the US$142,000 earned in July 2015.

Based on figures provided by the Delaware Lottery, July 2016 saw a huge boost in earnings, over US$130,000 in additional revenues. Of the amount earned for this year’s July, the state saw around US$161, 000 produced by the video lottery. Table games brought in around US$86,000 whilst poker gaming earned US$33,000. Each category saw an increase in earnings when compared to 2015’s breakdown.

As far as online gambling revenues are concerned, Delaware is at the bottom of the three states which offer iGaming, behind New Jersey and Nevada. Delaware is a small state and continues to lack the traffic numbers to see massive amounts when it comes to revenue earnings.

However, Delaware continues to do well with iGaming revenues, as proved by the solid increase month after month. From March to June of this year, the state saw an increase each month as players continued to log online and take part in casino and poker games.