How to Play Goldfish? Win with these tips

How to Play Goldfish? Win with these tips

If you’re into gambling, you’ll find plenty of games on the market these days. You can choose from numerous classic table games, and there are countless slots that you can enjoy as well. Many of these games are available in land-based casinos, but you can also find them if you’d rather play online. 

Goldfish, sometimes styled as “Gold Fish”, is one that you should check out if you’re interested in slots. The theme is playful, the colors are bright, and you have the opportunity to potentially win several prizes. Moreover, you’ll find the game in several different places online. 

Are you curious to learn more about How to play Goldfish? You’re in the right place. This article will talk more about what the game is, and we’ll also show you where you can find the best Goldfish slots in Vegas. You’ll also find out whether it’s possible to get free coins plus more. 

What Is Goldfish? 

Goldfish is one of the most popular slot games, and it’s also one of the most enjoyable. The game has a standard mode that is pretty similar to many other slots you’ll play, with a selection of rows and reels. You’ll also get around 25 ways to win. 

While the theme for Goldfish is fun, that’s not the primary reason that many people play the game. One of the most enjoyable things about it is that it has several bonus games, each of which brings ounces of fun to the table. 

Each bonus game depends on the type of fish you see. For example, you’ll sometimes receive a number of free spins that could potentially help you land winning combinations. And in other cases, you could get scatter bonuses. 

Slot games have a return to player (RTP) percentage, and for Goldfish, this is 96%. If you play online, however, the number might vary a little. 

How Do You Win on Goldfish? 

When playing Goldfish, you’ll typically have a maximum bet of $105. To play, the process is pretty simple – and it bears a lot of resemblance to other casino games. First, you’ll need to place the amount of money you’d like to bet. Once you’ve done that, you can spin the reel. 

You’ll need to land a winning combination to receive a payout, and you must get at least two in a row for the Goldfish. For other symbols, you’ll need to get at least three; the only exception is the fish food, which requires you to land four instead. 

How much you win will depend on multiple factors, including the symbol you land on. If you managed to land five Goldfish, you’d receive the maximum payout – which is 10,000 times what you staked. 

At the lower end of the scale, the plants, nets, and coral will pay out the least; this ranges between 10 and 100, depending on how many you get. 

Besides the Goldfish, you can land on four other fish colors. These will give you a larger payout than the lower-paying symbols but less of one than if you get four or five fish food signs in a row. You can also land on hermit crabs and turtles, which will pay more than the lower-paying symbols – but less than the fish. 

The paylines in Goldfish vary. You can win money if you get a certain number of symbols on the same row, but there are options to increase your earnings on various other parts of the scale. 

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How to Delete Slots From Goldfish Casino 

If you want to delete slots from your Goldfish casino game, you can unlock bonus games; some of these will feature fewer lines than the standard version does. However, you can’t delete these manually. 

Another way you can have control over your slots is by betting on a certain number of lines. You can, of course, always stop playing the game if you’d like to delete the slot from your device and you’re playing it online. 

Where Are the Goldfish Slots in Vegas? 

Las Vegas has an incredible range of games available, and this isn’t too surprising; it’s arguably the world’s capital of gambling. You will find slots in pretty much every casino, but finding something more niche – such as Goldfish – can be a little more difficult. 

To help you out, we’ll show you some of the casinos in Vegas that have Goldfish slots – so you can save yourself a bit of additional research. 

Paris Las Vegas

Paris Las Vegas is one of the top casinos on the main strip in the city, and it’s arguably the best place to play Goldfish in Vegas. On top of that, you’ll find plenty of other games if you decide that you’d later like to try something else instead. 

This four-star hotel, known for its sizable Eiffel Tower replica, is operated by the US gambling and hospitality giant Caesars. At the casino, you’ll find over 1,700 slot machines in total – along with well over 100 table games. Moreover, the casino has a sportsbook where you can wager on your favorite teams. 

Horseshoe Las Vegas 

Bally’s Las Vegas is another of the most famous hotel and casino complexes in the city. Here, you’ll find Goldfish and several other slots. The casino recently underwent a significant renovation, which was completed in December 2022; after the rebranding, it’s now known as Horseshoe Las Vegas. 

At this hotel, you’ll find more than 700 slot games ready for you to play. On top of that, you can choose from over 40 table games – including many of the classics that you’re probably used to if you’ve been to a casino elsewhere. 

Horseshoe Las Vegas also has dozens of live poker games. 

The Orleans Hotel & Casino 

Another place you can play Goldfish in Las Vegas is at the Orleans Hotel & Casino. The casino is one of the most popular places to stay in the city, and you’ve got a whole host of entertainment options. If you decide you want to try something other than Goldfish, you can choose from numerous other slot games with numerous themes and potential payouts. 

You’ll find a selection of normal slot games, in addition to others that let you place higher limits when playing. On top of that, you can play numerous table games – including blackjack and roulette. 

Harrah’s Las Vegas

If you want to play Goldfish in Las Vegas, you can also try playing at Harrah’s Las Vegas. The casino is operated by Caesars and is right on the Las Vegas Strip. Here, you’ll find more than 1,200 slot machines – along with a wide selection of table games. In fact, you can play more than 80 table games if you want to try something a little different. 

At Harrah’s Las Vegas, you’ll also find a sportsbook with over 30 TVs to watch your favorite games. The casino has a Keno lounge, too, where you can enjoy more of a low-key experience. 

Other forms of entertainment that you’ll find at this casino include shopping, restaurants, and a swimming pool. You can also enjoy live entertainment. 

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Where Can I Get Free Coins for Goldfish Casino? 

If you want to play Goldfish, you can get free coins if you play free versions of the game. On top of that, you might find offers if you look for places that offer paid editions of the slot online. Similarly, some land-based casinos might hold offers that allow you to get extra coins for free. 

If you’re looking for hacks to get free coins for Goldfish, we don’t recommend it. Unethical practices could result in any winnings you make getting voided, and going through the effort to break the rules isn’t worth it. 

Goldfish Casino Slot Games: Where to Play Online 

If you want to play Goldfish, you don’t necessarily need to go to a land-based casino. And depending on where you live, that might not be possible. Many online casinos also offer Goldfish as a slot game in their offerings, and you’ll find many of the same rules and winning opportunities that you would if you went to a land-based venue. 

LeoVegas is one of the most popular casinos that offer Goldfish, and you’ll find more than one option in some of the operator’s markets. You can also play the game at Mr. Green Casino. 

Goldfish is available on the Harrah’s Online Casino site, and you can play it at ComeOn. Another betting site offering this popular title is Chumba Casino. 

Check when picking an online casino to see if you can find a bonus that offers free coins. That way, you can get everything started with more of an advantage. 


Now that you’ve read to the end of this guide, you should have all the information you need to play Goldfish. The game is immensely popular, and you’ll find it in many places online. Moreover, you can play the slot at numerous casinos in Las Vegas – along with other cities like Atlantic City. 

Winning at Goldfish isn’t too different from other slot games, and you will also find numerous bonuses that allow you to have huge amounts of fun. Moreover, you can pick which lines you want to bet on – along with how much you want to wager. 

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