Holland to privatise state-run casino operator

Holland casino

Credits: nu.nl

Dutch operator Holland Casino, a state-run casino company, is set to get privatised in two years.

Holland.- Dutch State Secretary of Finance Menno Snel revealed that state-run casino operator Holland Casino will be privatised. The operation is set to be completed by 2020 and was announced during a Lower House consultation this week.

The privatisation process was approved last year by the Lower House during the previous administration. Holland casino currently operates 14 casinos in the country and is the only provider of Las Vegas-style games (table, roulette, blackjack and more) in Dutch land-based properties.

Despite getting rid of the casino operator, Secretary Snel advanced that the government will still monitor the land-based casino industry alongside the local gambling regulator. He further announced that the state has already began preparing the operator’s privatisation and moved responsibility to the Senate, which will now have to approve the operation. However, it is still unclear when the voting will take place, but it is expected to happen sometime soon.

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