Hasmik Gevorgyan: “Relum’s solutions allow access to an unparalleled depth of gaming content”

Hasmik Gevorgyan, product manager at Relum.
Hasmik Gevorgyan, product manager at Relum.

Hasmik Gevorgyan talks about Relum’s promotional tools, caring about the company’s partners’ businesses, and how Relum helps operators stay relevant in the market with their up-to-date offerings.

Exclusive interview.- Hasmik Gevorgyan, product manager at Relum, recently sat down with Focus Gaming News to discuss the company’s approach to player engagement and retention.

In the interview, Hasmik Gevorgyan talked about how Relum‘s promotional tools can help operators create personalized experiences for their players, increase active player numbers, and drive revenue growth.

Being part of a comprehensive casino engine, how are Relum’s promotional tools interconnected?

All our web services are available through a single API. We spent many development hours looking at how we present game selection, access, reporting, and tool kits, that allow efficiency and practical usage cases.

Everything from a design concept uses best practices, usability, and ease of use. The simple reason is casino players seek and desire near real-time experiences and a deeper level of personalised experiences. 

Relum understands this as our team has that depth of operational and business know-how, and we need to enable, via our promotional toolkit, the ability to create promotional campaigns quickly and analyse the results for a complete test and-learn cycle. 

Who can benefit from partnering with Relum and using promotional tools?

Relum’s solutions allow access to an unparalleled depth of gaming content of over 14,000 games and 180 casino and game studio providers. While content is king, our key business focus is to provide promotional tools for player engagement and retention campaigns and support services that sit on top of the core casino aggregation engines’ content portfolio.  

This allows brands of all sizes and some with leaner operations to use the Relum solution to support operational efficiencies. Furthermore, Relum’s dedicated Partner success team can help partner operators with a bespoke development program of an optimal content mix for the businesses’ local market.

Our product solutions scale for more prominent brands using the tools and features to maximise long-tail revenues and player engagement, so more on the CRO (Customer revenue optimisation). It’s nice to report that some of our partners have achieved up to a 125 per cent active players number increase and 30 per cent more spins with Relum’s Promotional Tools.

“Our key business focus is to provide promotional tools for player engagement and retention campaigns.”

Hasmik Gevorgyan, product manager at Relum.

What is Relum’s take on player retention? How is it achieved for your partners?

Player retention is the new take on player acquisition marketing. It is well-known that retaining or reactivating an existing player cost less than acquiring a new one.

Multiple factors drive retention, but at the core is player behavioural data within the player journey touchpoints and gameplay data.

Relum focussed on this early in its business evolution, that data collection, management, and analysis, and therefore the interpretation of the data, provides data-driven decision-making.

Behavioural data, such as game sessions, game type, spin size, frequency, and promotions redeemed/used, are all essential identifiers that can be used for player profiling, pattern detection, and overall user experience satisfaction.  

Relum’s dedicated Partner success team analyses this data. It works with our partners to provide strategies and execution plans that lead to a deeper insight into likes and dislikes at the game level but lead to revenue growth with suggestions of promotional schemes to meet the business revenue goals.

Do Relum’s promo tools require additional integration?  

Each partner has a unique requirement and business case, but in general Relum’s promotional tools sit on top of the single API for the core game aggregation service.

All our promotional tools are available and accessible via the Relum back office. One of our tools – the Free Round tool is supported via our back office or API. 

Our recently released Tournament tool didn’t require any special integration as it was available through ready-made widgets. We try to ensure a streamlined approach to all our promotional feature tools so that our partners can use them quickly and efficiently to further player engagement and retention programs. 

As we release more tools and features, the partner shall naturally be able to upgrade to the latest version and have that tools kit functionality available on demand. 

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