Hard Rock Casino contributes to Downtown Gary revitalisation

Hard Rock Casino contributes to Downtown Gary revitalisation

Hard Rock Casino Northern Indiana will donate $3m to the city of Gary.

US.- Matt Schuffert, president of Hard Rock Northern Indiana, has announced a $3m donation to help revamp Downtown Gary’s Metro Transit Development District (TDD), primarily located around the Broadway Corridor.

This contribution is part of an initiative outlined in Indiana SB 434, introduced by Mayor Eddie Melton in 2023. The legislation established a matching grant program, allowing the City of Gary to access funds for blight elimination.

Melton commented: “This catalytic donation from Hard Rock marks a new chapter in Gary’s story, one where we begin to turn the page on blight and write our future. A future in which Gary residents see real change and feel a renewed sense of pride in our downtown Broadway Corridor. With this $3m contribution, we are planting seeds of hope and growth for our downtown.”

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Schuffert added: “Hard Rock is pleased to support Mayor Melton’s mission to improve the economic development of the City of Gary by demolishing the blighted properties that currently stand in the way. Our announcement today of Hard Rock’s transfer of $3m to help support the City’s contributions to the Northwest Indiana RDA’s blighted property demolition fund confirms our mission of ‘All Is One,’ which has been Hard Rock’s motto throughout local and global communities since 1971.”

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