Goa’s sixth casino gets approval

The state government renewed Golden Globe Hotels Pvt Ltd’s casino license.
The state government renewed Golden Globe Hotels Pvt Ltd’s casino license.

The government renewed the license of the offshore casino after the court ordered them to make a final decision.

India.- The state government finally reached the decision to renew Golden Globe Hotels Pvt Ltd’s casino license. The decision came up after the Goa bench of the Bombay High Court urged the local government to make a final call and gave them a 24 hour ultimatum.

“The government hereby grants approval of licence to the said licensee subject to the condition,” said Neetal Amonkar in the order. The 24 hour timeframe order said: “The time of 24 hours flows from the time given by the high court to the government and is a co-shared time frame. As this order issued on March 9, the time frame shall be covered to run from 10am on March 10 and to conclude on 12pm on March 14 as March 11, 12 and 13 being statutory holidays.” The measure also established that if the applicant was unable to reach the necessary documents, he should ask for an extension of time, but luckily the government issued the order before the deadline.

According to web portal India, a source from the home Ministry said that the order was issued following the directive of the honorable High Court to reach a decision within 24 hours. It is uncertain if they would’ve decided if the court hadn’t urged them to do it. The Herald also shared the information that the licence is renewed but, the concerned company has not submitted all the required documents. Unnamed sources said: “We have thus asked the officials to furnish us the documents such as registration by the Captain of Ports, antecedents of the board of directors, and various statutory permissions.”

Goa, currently one of cities where casinos are allowed to operate legally, hosts 10 onshore gambling facilities and with this new approval, the Indian city will also offer six offshore casinos.