Goa’s sixth casino faces its future


The state government renewed Golden Globe Hotels Pvt Ltd’s casino license.

The Indian State has elected a new government earlier this month.

India.- Goa sixth offshore casino operations would have to wait until the confirmation of new government’s representatives to know whether its licenses would be renewed or rejected this year. The upcoming official departments would come effective by March 11.

Goa currently allows six offshore casinos, but the recently elected government would be able to eliminate the legislation and prohibit the renewal of its sixth gambling centre in the State. Indian industry regulations are among the strictest in the world.

“Let the new government, which would be formed after March 11, take a decision,” commented Chief Minister Laxmikant Parsekar and he added that, although gambling incomes boost the government’s inversions, “it is not binding on the state government to renew the license.”

Globe Hotels Private Limited (GGHPL) is the operator company of the sixth Goa offshore casino and decided to appeal to the high court of Bombay in order to demand a resolution on its gambling license. Operators would have to wait until next month to learn about the government’s decision.