Goa may not allow new casinos

goa casinos

The legislative assembly will debate the new tourism policy. (Credits: youthdarpan.com)

The draft tourism master plan doesn’t include potential new casinos in Goa, the Tourism Minister said.

India.- The Indian state of Goa will soon debate a change for its tourism policy as it continues to outline the draft tourism master plan. Among other related topics, new regulations will redefine the casino industry in the region, moving offshore casinos to land and maybe even shutting the door for potential new venues.

According to Tourism Minister Manohar ‘Babu’ Ajgaonkar, the upcoming draft legislation doesn’t foresee new casinos in the state. Furthermore, he was answering a question about whether casinos would be allowed under the new policy and asserted: “No, sir.”

The new policy would set a redevelopment of the assets of state-run Goa Tourism Development Corporation (GTDC) through the “private sector” while disengaging it from commercial activities and setting the groundwork to relocate offshore casinos.

Regarding the gaming segment, the draft Goa Tourism Policy mentions the creation of an “international class gaming cluster to relocate offshore casinos.”

Furthermore, the draft also proposes the creation of the Goa Tourism Board (GTB), to be headed by tourism minister, which will take up the responsibilities that have been handled by bodies like GTDC and the State Level Marketing and Promotion Committee (SLMPC).

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